Affordable Care for All by Anne French

Published on Topic: Guest Blog, Healthcare

It's hard to know what to think with all the negative press swirling about The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  But it is one of the best starts to fixing our health care system we have seen in decades.

The two main principles behind The Affordable Care Act are in the title itself.  Affordable and care.  Care extending to all of the uninsured or underinsured who either don't get sick (young people) or go to the emergency room to be treated.  A huge waste of their health and our collective health care and financial resources.  People need access to affordable, quality health care.  It is what compassionate people design into their civic systems.  The act is about changing our paradigm from paying for procedures (which incents more treatments to be prescribed) to providing preventative, quality care.

 There was a wonderful New Yorker story about a brave young doctor who decided to take on the worst health care problems of Camden, NJ and he prevailed by analyzing where the "health hot spots" where, locating his clinic there, asking doctors and hospitals to refer their worst patients to him.  Early results – 40% drop in emergency room visits and 65% reduction in health care costs to the city.  And isn't this what we want?  Better care, targeted in the most effective way, for all of us?

Here is the link to the full article. A great blueprint.