60 Tips - Proven Advice for Holiday Enjoyment

SheByShe just completed our holiday survey where we queried 100 women across America to tell us what they think about the holidays. We heard from women from almost every state and from all demographics and walks of life.

These 100 women taught us a lot about what women really think about the holiday season. First the good news: over half of women, 54 percent, absolutely love the holidays. The other half, 46 percent, are not as enthusiastic. They say they either dread or are ambivalent about the holidays. Forty-three percent said that by the end of the holidays, they are ready for it all to be over.

We asked the women to tell us what they enjoy the most about the holiday season, and traveling to see family and friends is the winner with 67 percent. Shopping is the thing women enjoy the least. A huge sixty percent don’t enjoy or are ambivalent about shopping for gifts (which may or may not surprise you if you’ve had to brave the stores these past few weeks. 

There were other real negatives associated with the holidays; stress, obligations, and financial pressures. Overall though, only 13 percent of women would do away with the holidays all together if they could.

We love all this data, but what we found most compelling are the tips and stories women shared. We asked these 100 women to share their proven tips and advice for enjoying the holidays. We are delighted to share 60 tips with you here and over 30 tips here on proven techniques for money management during the holidays.

We also asked about cherished family traditions and we have gathered all of these here. We think you’ll enjoy reading about how other women find joy in the holidays.

Happy Holidays to All of You!