2014 by Marriam Waybright

All New Years usually resonate with the desire to make resolutions, set goals, and usually, for the first few months, we’re all on the ball.  Some people actually do quit smoking and go to the gym regularly.  Some of us, hmm…not so much.  By March, we may be back to what we were doing just a few months ago.

Maybe we are too hard on ourselves.  We need to treat ME like we treat our dearest friends.  For me, 2014 is going to focus more on LOVING ME.    When you cherish yourself, everything else follows.  I recently started reading a self-help book.  I’m only up to chapter two, but what I have already taken from it is to love myself, and to look at myself like the little girl I was and tune into her.  When you look at the child version of you, you don’t WANT to smoke, you want to be healthy, you go on a walk…you just take better care of yourself.

2014 brings a new set of promises, commitments, and a new you, but underlying it all is love for yourself.  Just focusing on self-love allows everything else to follow. It is not selfish!  I guess as women, we naturally feel that we need to put others first: our children,  husbands,  families…but wait!  You really need to put yourself first so you can take BETTER  care of your children.  If you’re happy, your husband will be happy with the pleasantness of you.   It’s been proven over time that when you are happy and relaxed, your babies pick up on that happiness and are much more calm and relaxed as a result. 

So, do everyone a favor and take care of you first!