2014 Outlook: Women Share a Great Divide

The results of our “2014: What do Women Think” survey are in; you can view the slide show report here.  At SheByShe we are struck by the profound divide that women across America share.  On the one hand, they feel positive about their personal outlook On the other hand, they are deeply negative about the state of the U.S. government.  The disparity is striking.

The vast majority of women, 85%, share a sense of optimism about 2014. Yes, women see areas of improvement in their personal lives, but across the board, there is a shared sense of feeling good about the year ahead.

Contrast that with the stunning 82% who feel a sense of pessimism about the state of the U.S. government. When thinking about 2014, across America women share a negative feeling about the U.S. economy, the U.S. stature in world affairs, and the U.S. political arena.

We think you will enjoy both of our very insightful 2014 Outlook guest blog posts.  Marriam Waybright shares her inspirational thoughts in her post entitled "2014: Take Care of Yourself First".  And, Karen White, special SheByShe contributor, summarizes the divide between optimism and pessimism in her post,  “Ring in the New Year”.

From our survey we know many of your share Karen’s feelings. Karen is marshalling her inner strength to do something for her community. What, if anything, will you be doing to address the issues facing our communities, states and government in general?

Share your comments below.

Thank you and please accept all of our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.