We Asked and You Answered

We recently fielded a quick survey asking women for their insights and opinions around the topics that they care about most. We heard from many SheByShe members and opened the survey to outside respondents.

Here’s what we learned. The number one topic you care about most is work-life balance; twenty-one percent of respondents chose work-life balance as the most interesting issue. Education reform follows as the second most cared about topic with 15 percent. Rounding out the list are these four additional "hot" topics:  body image, Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, 2014 mid-term elections, and our children.

We also asked you to suggest other areas of focus for SheByShe. The most mentioned additional focus area is the environment as many of you told us you care about environmental issues and climate change. The next most popular mention is the economy and other suggestions include sustainability, food and consumer products sourcing, the media and media bias, war in the Middle East, and many more.

Finally, we asked for feedback on SheByShe.  We discovered women are enjoying the surveys and discovering what other women think. Many like the focus we've covered so far.

 Some of you also told us that we need to be clearer about what we do with your data and information.  All data and information is kept anonymous.  We compile what you tell us into the reports you see on SheByShe and distribute those reports to the broader media.  We do not share your personal information with any outside parties.  We believe women have a unique and interesting point-of-view on current topics.  There is no entity other than SheByShe specifically reporting on what women think.  Our mission is to seek out women’s voices and make sure those voices are heard. 

Thanks to all of you who participated in this quick survey. Your help is invaluable. We look forward to an exciting year ahead, focusing on these suggested topics and many more!