Wonder Woman by Courtney Kersey

It's 75 degrees inside my house, 83 outside, and my daughter's fever is 103. I'm making chicken pasta with a white wine cream sauce, all the while screwing the handle back on the oven door, and I have to be at the airport in an hour--(I'm a flight attendant). I'm doing a redeye tonight. You guessed it. I'm secretly Wonder Woman.

Balancing my career and life can be like walking on a tight rope at times. I have two kids, a fiancé, a great job, and a small business that I'm just starting. My chaotic life is a happy one.

Only time will tell how my career has impacted my children but, if my children's happiness is any indication of parenting success, they both are exceptionally happy. My son is 12, soon to be 13, and he talks to me openly about sex, drugs, and video games. My daughter is 9 and she'll be starting her first small business this year also. I don't think I'm doing too bad.

In a world where we can check facts on Google, it's a fact career-wise I'm in a better position than my mother was at her age. Many of us are. My mother often tells me how proud she is of her daughters. I remember when to say the word "feminist" was to denounce lipstick, and was synonymous with lesbian. My mother was the first person I ever heard say she was a feminist and explain to me what it meant. Basically, it is the empowerment of women and equality for women. There are countless articles about how the feminist movement shaped the 21st Century but, to say it with one word: choice. Our bodies belong to us now. We can run for President and actually be taken seriously. We are pilots and doctors and journalists and stay-at-home moms. Because we have a choice that we've never had before. We may not be there yet but, we've come along way.