My Bliss by Pamela Heater

Bliss and Struggle in My Guilty (Secret) Pleasure

After reading your survey on Guilty Pleasures, I wanted to share my thoughts on a possibly guilty, yet mostly secret pleasure.  I’m not certain that I define my pleasure as guilty, yet it’s secret and all mine. My pleasure has to do with a simple, yet replenishing escape.  This is an escape into a world where my focus becomes my body and my breath.  A world where for 90 minutes I retreat from constant thoughts of problem solving and how to get everything done I need to today. 

So where do I go? 

How do I escape the constant activity and demands of a busy real estate profession and single momhood? 

I sneak away, taking time from work hours, into the bliss and struggle of 90 minutes on a yoga mat.  Struggle may be an odd word to align with pleasure and escape, yet in the basic struggle of the balancing of my body and attempting new postures, there is a simple joy and appreciation that removes me from the all that entwines me.

Maybe this doesn’t sound so secret, yet I do tell clients and others that I have an appointment not wanting anyone to know of this luxury of time that is purely mine every Thursday from 9:30-11.  I don’t need or want to reveal my escape – its mine!  It’s pure and quiet escape for my chattering mind.  This is perhaps the only extended time throughout my week where there is no “electronic device” at my side.  And, after the class when I hop into my car, and see the messages stacked up on the phone, the problems are less daunting and life is more clear and sweet. 

My yoga practice is a meditation of the body, it’s not a sport where I feel I have to accomplish or achieve.  It is a quiet and strengthening reflection and focus on me and what I can do in the context of an insightful teacher and other practicing students.  So, taking this time out of my work week for my spiritual practice, which is also a physical practice, is my guarded and treasured secret pleasure.