Smartphones Appreciated by Livy Cheung

Published on Topic: Guest Blog, Smartphones

Livy Cheung is a stay at home mom who started a real estate business with her family. Livy loves to travel and shop. 


With today’s technology, we are able to be connected to the rest of the world with a touch of the fingertip. Especially since entering into my 30’s, I appreciate smartphones more than ever before.


I remember just a few years ago, I wasn't able to connect with anyone in my family without making phone calls, and getting a picture of them was very difficult. With all kinds of smartphones today, I can chat with everyone in my family and share news and pictures so easily, and it brings my family closer together despite being thousands of miles away.


On the other hand, I mainly conduct business activities with phone calls and emails. I always check my phone when I get emails and message alerts. Without a smartphone, I would not be able to take care of errands and work at the same time.


Overall, smartphones do improve the quality of life because they enable so many things that would not have been possible otherwise. People blame others for how much time they spend on smartphones, playing games and watching videos. It is all about how people discipline themselves.