Choices by Livy Cheung

Published on Topic: Wonder Woman, Guest Blog

Livy Cheung is a stay at home mom who started a real estate business with her family. Livy loves to travel and shop. 

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What do you choose? An sudden in-flow of emails awaiting for your answers, phone calls from colleagues and a crying baby, along with tons of household duties.

 For me, I have been working in a managerial position for  several of years in a global company, and I was trained to multitask and prioritize what is important, but that was before the baby.

 During the past couple of months handling our small business and taking care of the baby, I learned one thing. If my baby doesn't cry, then I get to do my work. So I prioritize all my tasks to fulfill my baby's needs first, and then get my work done. It is not an easy task (don't we all want a smiling baby?), but emails can wait, phone calls can wait, baby better not wait.

Life after a family is much more demanding than ever, and I learned two things. First, to let go of small things and compromise, I was very particular and wanted do to things certain ways (being systematic). But, since I started a family and the small business, I learned to let go of minor details and accept alternatives and to be more flexible. And, second, to smile more. The more I smile and feel happy, things seem to be smoother for everyone.

My husband once complained that I work too much at home and said I needed a break, and I asked him "who is there to take care of work and the baby and housework?" There are just certain things that men don't understand. I insist of taking care of everything myself. I enjoy what I do for my family and for myself. Working on my small business and for my family charges me up and I feel much more motivated than ever.

We are fortunate in that we are all connected with a touch of the phone screen, and I take great advantage of that and sneak in time to work whenever I can. I encourage everyone to do something they love at home and start it off as a hobby first, and then try to market it and see if they can monetize it, just baby steps at first,  and eventually turn it into something big.