“An Open Letter to the New York Times” by Anne French

Anne French is a SheByShe contributor and brand marketing executive in the Bay Area. She works extensively with leading consumer and technology brands. She is also a mother, wife, sister and friend to many.

Dear NY Times and Mr. Sulzberger,

Are you kidding me?  Firing Jill Abramson because “of issues with management in the newsroom.”  Really?  

As I recall, all senior management groups have issues.  Men have issues all the time and they don’t get fired over their “issues.”  And please don’t try to tell us that there was no pay discrepancy between Jill’s compensation and her predecessor.  You think we are really buying that?

Did you really not anticipate the firestorm you are getting and deserve to get after firing the FIRST female executive editor of the NY Times?  It’s 2014.

Do you really think this would go unnoticed and sit well with all of us working women?  

As my children often tell me, “chill mom.”  That’s what I say to you; you should have chilled and worked through whatever differences you are claiming you had.  You should have stood behind Jill, backed her all the way and worked through the issues.

 As a media organization who seeks to uncover the truth and present the facts, I am stunned at your blindness and insensitivity.  As you have learned by now, journalism is no longer your domain alone.  The rest of us participate and we are not tone deaf like you appear to be.

I am not sad.  I am not disappointed.  I am outraged.  Here I come, Washington Post and LA Times.