"Water" by Health & Fitness Correspondent - Samantha Mellen

We are pleased to introduce our new Health and Fitness correspondent, Samantha Mellen. Samantha will be sharing her insights on Health and Fitness on a regular basis. Check back often to read more. And, you can follow all of her writing at her blog http://thejoyfulrace.wordpress.com/.  Read Samantha's thoughts on the elixir "Water" below.

 I was walking through the department store the other day and stopped at aisle four to find some lotion.  As I was shopping, I couldn’t help but notice all of the different face creams available to me. I glanced at a few. All promised tighter skin. Healthier skin. Less wrinkles and lines. More vibrant and alert skin. Bottle to bottle showed itself to be the same; ingredient after ingredient promising what we all want our face to look and feel like. I use lotions and moisturizers myself, so I’m not trying to say that all these creams are bad or unnecessary. However, I do believe there is a better alternative. 

Do you know what I think the secret is to younger looking skin? Skin that will leave you looking more alert; a face that is alive and fresh, despite last night’s lack of sleep? 


Yep. I really do believe it’s as easy as drinking more water throughout your day. Your skin loves to be hydrated. 

As I notice all the women looking through the shelves, trying to find their perfect magic solution to the skin they want, I wish I could shout out to them -- “drink more water!” I realize you will probably need more trips to the bathroom during the day and it just adds another thing to your ‘to do’ list. But, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. 

Start your day with a big glass of water - even before you eat breakfast. Sip on water throughout the day; keeping a bottle with you in the car, at the office or on your counter. Drink another big glass - maybe two - during dinner. And just like that, you are on your way to healthier more vibrant skin.