Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SheByShe?

SheByShe is a women’s opinion site dedicated to giving women a voice and sharing what they think about key issues. SheByShe is committed to being objective and transparent. SheByShe is not affiliated with any political party, religion or other group. Surveys are fielded to cover current social, lifestyle, economic, and political issues. Results are posted on and are shared with key influencers and amplified through social media and major media outlets. Participating women learn something about themselves and feel satisfied they are speaking up and sharing their point-of-view.

2. What makes SheByShe different?

SheByShe is the only place on the web giving women a voice and sharing what women think about key issues.

3. Why should I participate in SheByShe?

By participating in SheByShe you will be sharing your opinion and expressing yourself.  You will discover something about yourself and learn how you feel about key issues. Your voice will be heard and your views will be shared.  You will also learn what other women think and become part of the larger SheByShe community. 

4. What happens when I take a SheByShe survey?

Your opinions are combined with other survey respondents and presented collectively in a totally anonymous format. Your personal, private information is protected by SheByShe.

5. What do you do with the survey results?

We analyze the survey results and create concise, reports, presentations or infographics outlining the collective sentiment of respondents. We amplify those results on the SheByShe site and share them with news and other media outlets so they can become part of the wider discourse and women’s voices can be heard.

6. Will you be using my opinions for other purposes?

SheByShe will only share individual opinions anonymously in the reports or drill down section of the website.  We will never identify the specific source of any opinions or comments.  SheByShe will also use the collective data for trend analysis, examining how opinions or ideas may change over time.

7. Who is behind SheByShe?

SheByShe was founded by Julie McHenry and Tanya Roberts.  These two women have had long careers in high tech consumer and business marketing and public relations.  “Listening to customers” through a variety of research and insight techniques has been a big part of their day-to-day jobs for many years.  Now they are bringing that know how to SheByShe with the mission of giving one million women a voice and making sure that voice is heard. 

8. Is SheByShe affiliated with any political party or other institution, government or otherwise?

No. SheByShe is an independent organization dedicated to sharing what women think without any bias filters.

9. What is your survey methodology?

SheByShe fields online surveys.  For some studies, SheByShe starts with qualitative dialog to understand the range of opinions and views.  Respondents are recruited from a variety of sources including but not limited to the SheByShe members and Facebook fans.  

10. How do I know the SheByShe survey results are factually correct?

We do our best to accurately present the voice of the survey participants.  Each survey report presents the defined survey sample parameters (such as age range, income levels and geographic distribution), as well as the sample size and statistical confidence level and variation. 

11. How does SheByShe make money?

Right now, SheByShe is not making money. Someday we hope to generate revenue through partnerships, advertising-related sponsorships and other business ventures.

12. What if I have a problem with SheByShe?

Please tell us if you are having a problem or if you have an idea to make SheByShe better. You can email us at or submit an online form by clicking here.