How Women Feel about 2014: Optimism about Personal Lives Clouded by Pessimism about U.S. Government

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How Women Feel about 2014: Optimism about Personal Lives Clouded by Pessimism about U.S. Government


SheByShe Survey Tells Story of Two Extremes; 85% of Women Feel Optimistic about Personal Lives and, at the same time,

 82% Feel Pessimistic about U.S. Government


Burlingame, CA – December 23, 2013 SheByShe, a new flash survey site dedicated to giving women a voice, today announced the results of its “2014: What Women Think” survey where women across America shared their feelings about the year ahead. The survey results tell a story of extremes.  On one hand, women share a positive outlook about their personal lives.  On the other hand, women share a sweeping negative outlook about the U.S. government.

 Overall, 85% of women feel optimistic about their personal situations.  This contrasts sharply to the 82% who feel pessimistic about the U.S. government. To view a slideshow of the complete survey results, go here.

“Yes, there are improvements that women want to make in their personal lives but an overall sense of optimism prevails,” said Tanya Roberts, co-founder of SheByShe. “At the same time, most women are profoundly pessimistic about the state of the U.S. economy, the U.S. political arena, and the health care situation.”


Top 10 Things Women Want to Improve in Their Personal Lives in 2014

          The SheByShe survey asked women to list the top things they want to improve in the year ahead. Number one on the list is health and fitness. One woman said, “I want to keep my diabetes and cholesterol down, continue to be active and lose some more weight to keep medication out of my life.”  The second most common area of improvement is personal finance, with one woman saying she wants to work on, “…personal student loan debt. There isn’t any help for it, and I cannot afford the outrageous payments.”

          The Top 10 Things Women Want to Improve in Their Personal Lives in 2014 is as follows:

  1. Health or Fitness

  2. Personal Finance

  3. Career or Job

  4. Mental Outlook

  5. Social Life

  6. Family Life

  7. Weight or Appearance

  8. Spiritual Life

  9. Love Life

  10. Communications Skills


    Five Top Things Women Want to See Improved in the U.S. in 2014

              SheByShe asked women to list the top things they most want to see improved in the U.S. in the year ahead. The number one item is the economy with one woman saying, “Every human being should be able to live a comfortable life and not have to worry about money.” The number two item is a strong desire to see more government productivity and effectiveness, with a survey respondent saying she would most like to see a “…better run government and more accountability.”

              Here are The Top Five Things Women Want Improved in the U.S. in 2014:

  1. The Economy

  2. More Government Productivity and Effectiveness

  3. Movement Towards at Different President

  4. Improved Heath Care

  5. More Jobs


    SheByShe is Providing Women a Voice

    The complete SheByShe “2014: What Do Women Think?” report can be found here. The survey was conducted in December 2013 and represents U.S. women, ages 25-64, with a 95% confidence level, ± 5.82 %, 283 total respondents.


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