Women Express Concern About Food Safety; Pesticides, Oversight of Imported Foods

80% of Women Polled by SheByShe are Concerned About Pesticides; 84% Want Stronger Controls Over Food Imports 

Burlingame, CA – August 13, 2014 SheByShe, the leading women’s opinion site, today announced the results of a poll where a vast majority of the participating women expressed deep concern about food safety issues. Eighty percent of respondents expressed concern over the use of pesticides and 84 percent said they support stronger controls and oversight over food imports. Additionally, 80 percent believe the U.S. government should take a stronger stance regulating genetically modified foods.

 As one participant said, “It is a never-ending struggle. I have two children, ages 17 and 21, and I am concerned about the future of food safety for them and their future children.”

You Are What You Eat

Two-thirds of the women participating in the SheByShe study believe there’s a strong, undisputed link between diet and cancer. In comments, these women evoked the adage, “we are what we eat.”

One stated, “Herbicides and pesticides have been used for 70 years and continue to be used heavily on crops.” Another pointed out, “There are more than five ingredients in most foods that are known carcinogens.”

 Women taking the survey also see a cancer-causing link between poor nutrition, lack of exercise and sugar intake. One woman said, “People that eat more fat and sugary foods in my family have gotten cancer.”

Mixed Appetite for Organic Foods

Despite the growth in the U.S. organic food industry, women in the study expressed a mixed appetite for organic foods, primarily due to high cost.  Thirty-six percent of respondents said they sometimes eat organic, 23 percent only eat organic or try to eat organic as much as possible, and 41 percent rarely or never eat organic.

Cost is the biggest barrier to eating organic foods. Sixty-five percent of the women studied said organic food is too expensive. One women said, “I don’t want to eat pesticides, but organic can be very expensive to eat 100% of the time.” Another said, “I don’t know where to find it or it is too expensive.”

Many women said they love the idea of farm-to-table local food and farmer’s markets yet schedules, inconvenient locations and costs keep them out-of-reach for many. Fifty-four percent of the women surveyed visit a farmer’s market once a year or less often. One woman said, “I enjoy shopping at local farmers markets but I do not always have the time or energy.” Another commented, “I like them but they take more time than the grocery store, they are more like a special event than an everyday task.”

SheByShe is Providing Women a Voice

The SheByShe “Diet and Nutrition” survey questioned Internet-savvy, mostly millennial women from across America. Survey participants have a broad range of diet and nutritional habits, and represent a broad range of ages, income levels and geographic locations.   

 A colorful, visual slideshow of survey results can be found here.

The survey was conducted in July 2014 and represents the views of 221 women.

About SheByShe

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