Read Cherished Holiday Traditions

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We asked women across America to share their cherished holiday traditions. Scroll through over 50 traditions and find those that bring meaning to your holidays.

  1. My dad was an OB-GYN, so sometimes he was delivering a baby on Christmas morning.  My mom started a tradition where all 4 kids had to come into my parents’ bed in the morning to open our stockings, and we weren't allowed to look out in the living room to see the presents or open them til my dad got home.  When I was really young it was sort of torture not to be able to open the gifts right away, but as I got older I really enjoyed having some "snuggle time" as a family to start the day off.  And it was all because my mom was stalling to wait for my dad to get home from the hospital so he could watch us open our gifts!

  2. Making & decorating sugar cookies and driving around town to look at the lights while they cool.

  3. Our son, unmarried, hands out all the gifts with a Santa hat on before we begin to open. Everyone opens one, remarks on it then we open another one together until all the presents and stocking gifts are open. The night before Xmas, Grandpa and I fill the stockings and go to bed. Then our grown kids fill ours and go to bed. That way when we get up "Santa" has come.

  4. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up, but I do remember that my mother always put a big orange in our stockings.  She would tell us that years ago only the rich could afford to give this gift.  I still put an orange in my family stockings every year.

  5. Lighting the string of lights from my grandfather's childhood Christmas tree. They are over 100 years old, and failed to light for the first time last Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed for this year.

  6. My mother and my sisters and I make tamales for us to all eat with our families on Christmas Eve

  7. I have so many...putting up the tree on Thanksgiving morning, while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...Christmas morning, wake up EARLY and open presents, then breakfast, then the family comes over to our house!!! Christmas Eve, we watch 24 hours of a Christmas Story on TBS!

  8. Going to Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve morning.

  9. Reading and teen acting the Christmas Story

  10. Popcorn, egg nog and decorating Christmas tree!

  11. We do not have a designer tree, filled mostly with ornaments from our children when traveling. This opens up conversation while decorating tree about fun times from previous years.

  12. Slovak Christmas Eve supper

  13. Having a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas night.

  14. This year, I'm gonna hang up Christmas stockings i have received in the past, or just the one I love so much, which is called, "sock lobster." I used to celebrate Christmas, but, now I celebrate Hanukah.

  15. Baking with kids.  Making gingerbread house with kids. Driving deep into the high country to choose & cut a tree then decorating it.   Meals & gatherings with family & friends

  16. Stockings

  17. Christmas breakfast

  18. Cutting down Xmas tree; going to the Nutcracker performance

  19. Families need to bring Jesus back into the holiday.

  20. Being with my Family!

  21. Always opening gifts on Christmas Eve with all the family.

  22. Stringing popcorn and cranberries

  23. My family gets together on Christmas Day and the meal is same every year.  Tradition we can't break.

  24. Telling what we are thankful for

  25. Cutting a tree in the mountains

  26. Christmas Eve with family

  27. Family get-togethers

  28. Making cookies as a family.

  29. New pjs for Xmas Eve stockings

  30. Books with a message for our children

  31. Pajamas for Christmas Eve

  32. We always decorate the inside of the house the day after Thanksgiving

  33. Playing games with family and friends.

  34. Playing music and singing with family

  35. Christmas Eve dinner

  36. Handcrafts

  37. Christmas Eve dinner:)

  38. Buying an ornament for each child

  39. Seeing family

  40. Making cookies and gingerbread house with daughter

  41. Getting together at my parents house on Christmas Eve and having an early dinner, then opening gifts and visiting.

  42. Going out with the family

  43. Used to have Christmas Eve at the in-laws

  44. Fixing early breakfast on Christmas morning. Always up first

  45. Making handmade gifts for friends and family

  46. Time spent playing with cousins and all the wonderful food

  47. New pjs for kids on Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving meal recipes, Christmas morning breakfast

  48. Kids decorating gingerbread houses together.

  49. Christmas brunch after kids open their stockings, and the men do all the cooking

  50. Reading the Night Before Christmas aloud

  51. All ready for Christmas and spending with family. Buying ornaments

  52. Exchange gifts during Xmas and midnight mass