Read Over 35 Proven Tips for Holiday Budget Management

Published on Topic: Holidays

We asked women from across America to share their proven advice on how to manage money during the holiday season

  1. I just shop from my heart, not the price tag. If it is something that I know they will love for $5.00 then that is as good as a $100.00 gift!

  2. Set a fixed amount to spend on each person. Attend free holiday events.

  3. I shop through out the year for Christmas.  Is so much fun to go through items in Nov. that I have already purchased and already paid for.  Cuts down on the amt. I spend in Nov. and Dec. and time spent shopping.  Makes the holidays less stressful.

  4. Family gifts like games, baked goods instead of individual gifts

  5. The dollar bin at Target or other retailers are great places to find stocking stuffers.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it, do not focus on material things

  2. Use shopping apps & combine with store sales

  3. Set limits. We have a large family and we budget the gifts.

  4. Go together if possible. That way we can encourage each other not to impulse buy. If not, stick to the list.

  5. Cut lists--draw names for exchanges.  Set budget.  Make gifts quality and exactly what people want.

  6. Do the best you can. It is always advised to save but sometimes impossible due to circumstances.

  7. 15.00 a present for adults. 25.00 for children if its grandkids for parents 100.00 per child.

  8. Plan ahead

  9. Keep a written list of purchased items on all same piece of paper

  10. Make a budget and stick to it

  11. Make a list and stick to it. Everything doesn't have to be even to the penny for everyone

  12. Figure out how much you can afford and don't go over it.

  13. Make a list

  14. Make homemade things!

  15. Give kids food and that's it...

  16. Win the lotto

  17. Let my hubby deal

  18. Try as much as possible to pay with cash

  19. Don't worry about buying everyone in your extended family a gift. That can get out if hand.

  20. I don't charge anything

  21. Before you shop, think about how much you are willing to spend on each person and then try to find something within that price range.

  22. Set a budget, try to stick with it but be flexible.

  23. Set aside early in the year and stay with that amount.

  24. Stick to your planned budget

  25. I get a bonus in December and spend that on gifts. I don't buy crazy flashy things just small gifts that I think will mean something to the recipient.

  26. Set limits per person and be firm.

  27. Set a limit for everyone.

  28. Don't over spend

  29. Don't get sucked into consumerism.  Make gifts such as pine pillows or candy

  30. Shut it down when you reach the limit!

  31. I guess keep each gift to a minimum amount... or try to make your presents... I don't know...

  32. I try to save all year for Christmas, then use cash to pay for everything.

  33. Set a limit for each person and stick with it.