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More Comments from Women Across the Country About Obamacare

  1. It is too expensive, it is socialism, it is "spreading the wealth" and will result in substandard care. The government can't run the government! It shouldn't be in the insurance business. Our healthcare will suffer just like the VA and Canada.

  2. It was not a well thought out plan. Take the time to research it out. You (the government) allowed a shutdown in order to push your agenda. You failed to pay our military in order to force this issue. You chose to exempt yourselves from something that was so great. It is sick what the government has become. Instead of being a voice for the people, they do what gets them the most money in their own pockets.

  3. It's unconstitutional in my eyes. No one will ever change my mind. It's a catastrophe.

  4. Repeal!!

  5. NOBAMA!!!!!!!!! He's taking our country down!!!!!!

  6. IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!

  7. It is being forced on the American public. It is not good for us because it is going to hurt us all financially. So we have insurance. If something major happens we have to pay the first $6300. Do you have that much sitting in your bank account? I don't. I live paycheck to paycheck!

  8. Must be stopped. Redone properly, transparently. Address lawsuits, state line restrictions. Put in some rules, let the market run itself.

  9. Repeal it!!!

  10. It stinks!

  11. It's not fair to break us financially to where the 200 month average I got from the website is going to break me and if I get sick it only covers 70% so I'm already broke now u can't even use the ins and pay the co pay. Should not be forced individually to get this.

  12. I think obamacare will eliminate quality physicians and will eventually bankrupt America. Obama is a fool and should realize people do not wish his healthcare forced upon them. He should have focused on regulating the cost of healthcare not mandating certain coverage for insurance companies

  13. Repeal! Do we really want the same folks who run the USPS, IRS, NSA, and every other over reaching, underperforming govt agency responsible for our health?

  14. It's a giant disaster from top to bottom. All the nightmare scenarios envisioned by Republicans and Libertarians are happening, plus even bigger messes.  There is NOTHING about it that's works as advertised (although the few of us who actually read the bill knew these things were coming) and every bad prediction underestimated the scope and depth of the problems.

  15. I hope Obamacare disappears

  16. Before billions more are wasted on this mess, it needs to be repealed.

  17. Stop partisan policy's and I myself will be casting my vote against further government regulation

  18. Finally the people that elected Obama are now wishing they hadn't

  19. Abolish it!

  20. Many thoughts but hate with a passion to see our country fall to socialism.

  21. Socialism

  22. This will be just like social security. Just as pensions went bye bye with social security, company health care will go bye bye with ObamaCare. We will have socialized medicine which has failed in other countries.

  23. I think obamacare is a big mistake.

  24. I can't believe the horrible direction this country is headed, obamacare is a perfect example of the disgusting choices out politicians are making.

  25. It scares the life out of me!!!

  26. Get rid of it. Make a difference and vote.

  27. Get rid of it.

  28. It is the beginning of the end for our government!

  29. Thou shalt impose no tax that has not been voted on by the people.....

  30. It's appalling that Congress agreed to the bill and have no idea what it affects or how it works. The government can't handle the programs they have and this is bigger than all of them. They had 3 years to get the program figured out and set up the website to start enrollment. In 3 years less than 60% is complete.  It seems like the purpose of the plan may be just to give government more control.

  31. I don't think people should be forced to buy health insurance. If they don't already have it, it is because they cannot afford it and feed their families. Not because they are greedy and do not want to spend the money.

  32. While I am glad the government finally looked at something to improve the healthcare industry, I don't feel many of the items in this legislation are good for our country.

  33. It is a failure

  34. Change congress to a volunteer position. Just like the PTA. You'll have people in office to make change not have clout and make lots of money!! That would save our country a whole lot of $$$. Everyone works from home and has a real job. You can read all the bills via computer and have a quarterly summit and all the congress is flown(coach) to Washington to stay in the capital bldg which is now a dorm for them to vote!! They live at home with their constituents to hear what the people want!!

  35. It's one big lie. It's a huge step in the wrong direction for this country. What happened to freedom?  You're now forced to buy a product and fined if you don't. That sounds like socialism to me.

  36. We are headed to socialism, and aca is another means of government dependence. It's unsustainable and wrong for our country

  37. I am disabled and on medicare, does that mean I will be FORCED to use OBAMACARE?  I LIKE MY MEDICARE THE WAY IT WAS finally got it the way i liked it!

  38. It's also infringing on my religious beliefs. The government could do reform. There is waste and fraud everywhere.  I have already lost 1 doctor. Costs are up! We help the poor. The poor can't even afford this. We barely can get by now this. It's ruining our economy. Stay out of healthcare.

  39. It should be repealed! It was passed by lying to the American people! If it was so great why is Congress exempt?

  40. If I were to remain with my present employer, where I'm losing my insurance, I will go from paying $22 a week for insurance to at least $75 a week under Obamacare. As a part time, retail employee I am scheduled 4-30 hours a week, based on company needs. I cannot commit to a $300 a month plan when my work hours are unstable and not guaranteed.

  41. Poorly thought out

  42. Obamacare is wrecking our healthcare system and economy for working class people and our doctors that we trust to take care of us are leaving their occupations because of their incomes being effected. How would he like to be President for 50,000 a year???

  43. Failure to prepare on their part, should not constitute an emergency on my part!! Get the product ready before you sell it!!!

  44. I hate that the Supreme Court chose to call insurance a tax & that it affects people who did have insurance.

  45. It needs to be tossed out!

  46. It's an atrocity that needs to be repealed ASAP.

  47. We're all screwed with Obamacare!!!!

  48. I hope it tanks

  49. How do we eliminate this program?

  50. It needs to be repealed & rewritten.

  51. Beginning of the end of freedom in this country.  It makes more sense financially for me to quit my job.

  52. Should be stopped! New are going to go into another recession. Our health care was fine before he stuck his big nose into it.

  53. It is unconstitutional to require individuals to purchase health insurance on top of mandating what type of health insurance can be made available. By law many citizens will have to purchase insurance they cannot afford!

  54. It is evident that we are being forced into socialism and big government. I think it is a crime what the liberals are doing to this country in the name of "caring". It is all about money and politics. It is so hard to believe more people can't see who is actually getting rich from this program. American needs to wake up.

  55. I work to pay my bills take care of my family and should be able to choose who I entrust my families healthcare to... Also which hospital facilities I choose to use. I feel it is sickening that I won't be able to afford to choose... I don't mind paying a little extra for the greater good but feel there is no greater good here. Just another underhanded thing Obama has done. If this is such a great plan then why is it that certain people are exempt from following ? I would have more respect if he chooses to go to a doctor we choose for him and send him to a facility that has sub standard service .... Or if these changes affected his pocket book as they have so many others. I feel like the rich get richer the poor get more charity and the worker bees will soon be extinct from the govt breaking their backs. Wonder what then ?

  56. The law has had too many "hidden" costs and issues that should have been told to the American public sooner and should have been properly researched by the media. Only now after it is hurting people, are we finding out about it. The law requires more of everyone, increases costs for services and doesn't fix the biggest issues most people have with healthcare. The rollout has been a disaster and little has been done to actually correct it. A lot of talk, very little action.

  57. Yes, it is not my responsibility to pay for other's healthcare. I have a job and therefore use my pay to have health insurance. Others should do the same. The government should have started by fixing the broken systems we already have. Now they have just added another broken system.

  58. I do not think that people/companies with quality health care plans should be taxed if they are providing more than the government is requiring.

  59. The ACA will result in insurance lost bc of costs, loss of jobs due to employers trying keep under 50 ees, and will put the private insurance market out of business.

  60. Hope it is repealed and replaced

  61. It is unconstitutional

  62. I hate the way this was shoved down our throats--"we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it"--Pelosi.  So I have to sign a contract without reading in in order to find out the benefit/risk???  I am totally opposed to socialized medicine.  As a nurse, I am involved in healthcare and know there are MANY other ways this could have been handled.

  63. It really really scares me.

  64. No went to hold um and when to fold um. If Obama wanted to be an entrepreneur he should've done that before he became president

  65. Impeach Obama

  66. Get rid of it and start over! Don't force me to purchase an insurance, limit malpractice suits, encourage healthy options, label food that has GMOs

  67. Obama care should have been more structured like Canada's health ins which is what myself and more than half the people I've talked to thought it would b like

  68. Insurances and hospital charges needs renovation, not health care.  Stop spending taxpayer’s money in vain.  Let people vote weather they want it or not, and give the $630 mil back to the people. Stop trying to destroy this beautiful country.  And as a reminder this country is based on "Christianity", in God we trust.

  69. The policies cover things that everyone does not need. For example, maternity care is included in coverage that a single man has to purchase. Men do not get pregnant. Why should he have to pay for it?

  70. Scrap it now! BO keeps changing as he desires and it is no longer the same law anyway. If it goes forward, No one should be exempt from the nasty tentacles of this nasty Beast!

  71. We don't need it and can't afford it!

  72. Repeal it

  73. It forces people to purchase insurance with items that they won't need (ie maternity coverage of men). Healthier people pay more to pay for the sick won't work - people will see through this and act. Even people who are sick will ultimately be detrimentally affected - more so than when they had coverage before. The government's audacity to tell me that my very good previous plan is sub-standard and dares to believe it can tell me what is best for me. I am not a child. I am fully capable to taking care of myself and my family. The government's lie about subsidies for "people who cannot pay for healthcare" - people need to see through this that we are all actually paying these subsidies through higher premiums, taxes, etc. The only good thing about this law is that people can't be denied because of pre-existing conditions and maternity is covered. I would pay more for maternity, but I am livid that I have to pay for someone else to have healthcare. I work very hard to what I earn; I will pay taxes, but I am furious I have to pay for those who refuse to work or believe they deserve handouts. This is leading to the further weakening of our economy and ultimately our standing in world economics. People can't pay for escalated healthcare premiums unless other purchases of goods and services are avoided. This affects the economy. Employers will hire less full-time workers and the unemployment rate will rise further. It's a mess, and I cannot believe people don't see this. The healthcare system does need fixing - this is NOT the way to do it.

  74. Obamacare is a bad idea and now everyone knows it and is forced to deal with it.

  75. It's a travesty for our country.

  76. It is absolutely against our constitution to have our federal government dictate our private insurance.

  77. Forced on me illegally.

  78. Nobama Period

  79. Government is trying to get in too deep. You can get no deeper than a person's health conditions

  80. It is unconstitutional, not thought out.....a complete failure!

  81. Gov. Inept to run it.

  82. It isn't really helping the people who struggle with coverage which is single people or families of middle income wage. Our healthcare premiums are going up and our coverage down. Poor people already qualify for Medicaid and insurance discounts they don't need any more handouts then they already get.

  83. We live in a country for freedom. There has never been a law that any citizen has to buy any product. This is taking away our freedom to choose to buy or not buy a product. We should not be forced to buy any product or service.

  84. I don't believe a word Obama says.

  85. This whole program is one big joke!!!

  86. Our government is getting too large and invasive

  87. Repeal!!!!! repeal!!!!!! repeal!!!!!!!!!

  88. Not liking ACA at all.   If they would have got it done correctly maybe to many mistakes and lies with this ACA. Don't trust what else will be revealed in it.  Scary!!!

  89. Obama is too expensive

  90. Socialism doesn't work.  In other countries with socialized medicine (Australia for example) many still have to buy private insurance to ensure quality care, without restrictions of bureaucratic red tape that holds back quality, timely care.


  92. It violates my religious freedom!

  93. Needs to be repealed.

  94. Unconstitutional

  95. Vote Republican so that this ridiculous law can be repealed in its entirety.

  96. It should be repealed. It has done nothing.

  97. repeal it

  98. Unconstitutional

  99. If it is so great why don't the president and his family want it ?


  101. Too many uncertainties

  102. Start over

  103. I’m sorry but I wish obamacare would go away. It’s doing nothing but hurting us as a country.

  104. I think it's unconstitutional.  Affordable care -- what a joke

  105. I agree with OFFERING Affordable healthcare. But penalizing those that don’t want or cannot afford it will lead to people quitting jobs to get it free-because when you make 10 or 11 dollars an hour, you cannot afford anything extra like these premiums. Obama doesn’t understand how it feels to be barely making the bills, or not being able to buy groceries because your electric bill was so high, or the price if gas went up and your stretching your paycheck etc... he’s sinking the hard working lower middle class.

  106. It should never have been implemented

  107. Stop it!!

  108. Do away with it so that the working citizens can afford to have health insurance

  109. Thanks for less than nothing!!!!!

  110. I'm all for helping people that need help, but I think we are helping the lazy people who want everything for free! I'm a small business owner and I have had a few employees that will not work 40 hours a week because they will lose their benefits when they have the opportunity to work 50 hours! I think America has sunk to an all time low! This President has really hurt this country. I've always been so patriotic until now!

  111. Too costly in many ways, infringes on our freedom, not secure for the information gathered, loss of insurance by too many people who have been covered, can't trust the people who created it or manage & enforce it. Time to scrap the whole big lying mess!

  112. It is raising my out of pocket costs for healthcare.

  113. Repeal

  114. Obamacare will further weaken the already struggling middle class.

  115. While I am certainly concerned about healthcare issues Americans face, Obamacare is a poorly conceived concoction with too many restrictions and high cost. There are better alternatives that will allow many Americans to access quality healthcare while keeping cost affordable. There is no point in having healthcare that limits us to fewer doctors and treatment options while raising the cost to the point that it cripples our economy.

  116. This is a tragedy to the hard working Americans that already had insurance that had to change their benefits due to ACA guidelines and pay higher premiums for lower benefits and higher deductibles. Not able to keep the same plan that I had!

  117. Change it to Peoplecare

  118. I work very hard and pay a lot for my Benefits.  I pay more taxes than I feel I should have to an now I am going to lose these benefits that I have earned and likely pay much more now that the Government is taking over health care.  Working in the Health Insurance market for many years I have watched people flock to the United States for the sole purpose of obtaining coverage and care at our expense.

  119. Please stop it

  120. Repeal

  121. Obamacare is a disaster for our country. Republicans warned everyone and now everyone's eyes are starting to open and see the disaster too. The Government is infringing on our rights more and more everyday and soon there will be a revolution. Democrats even want to delay it because they are worried about the 2014 election.

  122. Don't Need somebody to tell me I have to buy Insurance

  123. Make our senators and governors and PRESIDENT use the same as the American people!!!

  124. Insist our leaders read and understand the complete bill before passing something of this importance

  125. Few will disagree that some changes needed to be made. But Obamacare went too far. It forces people to purchase coverage they don't want or need. Mandatory employer coverage is costing people jobs. The President and others flat out lied about people keeping their insurance and doctors. The Democrats are hoping the private insurance market is destroyed in order to pave the way for single payer. If the issue was better health care and insurance coverage rather than a government takeover, then tax credits for people who WANT to buy insurance would have worked much better than the FUBARed system we now have, with far less government bureaucracy.

  126. Great idea terrible implementation. I do not think this was the best way to go about improving Health care. But I do respect and support the President and his efforts. If the people that we elected to represent the American public could do what is needed to make this country great again and stop making it about Dem vs Rep. We could have a healthcare law that works. But who am I, I’m just a taxpayer ...

  127. Repeal the garbage legislation

  128. If Obamacare is good enough for the taxpayers it should be good enough for its creators!

  129. DEFUND!!

  130. Get rid of it and it's namesake

  131. There are more issues with Obamacare than any possible benefits.  Considering Obama has no ties and cares nothing about the FREEDOM of US citizens, and that everything he does counters what our nation is all about.

  132. One of the only things I like is the free access to birth control; however I do not believe abortion should be classified as "birth control".

  133. I didn't vote for this fool.

  134. Repeal it now!!!!

  135. It has to go.

  136. I don't think we need it in our country

  137. Repeal it

  138. The government is crippling the country by not making people take responsibility for themselves and the decisions they made I should not be made to pay for other peoples bad choices and to give them the necessities in life so they can spend their money on things they want but really do not need to survive.

  139. Not only is Obamacare a disaster we have been completely lied to.

  140. Teach people how to be healthy, regardless of how much insurance they need or have. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, don't smoke or drink alcohol or use drugs, especially illegal ones.

  141. Repeal it.  No one wants it.  It was forced down our throats by democrats.

  142. There are better ways to fix the insurance issues of the country but he is trying to get us on a single payer system which will be a disaster!

  143. Terrible legislation.

  144. It needs to be repealed.

  145. It is costing companies to lay people off and increase prices

  146. A leader admits his mistakes and will retract for the betterment of the people.  This is not what American's asked for.

  147. It will ruin this country as a whole.

  148. Repeal it!

  149. Those of us who already have healthcare are working hard to keep what we have while others who are already on the dole will stay on the dole.  All this has done has caused higher prices and even more contempt for POTUS.  I see him as a Marxist dictator who has no clue to how the real world works.  He has always been in a protected class and will continue to be there; while I will continue to work until they find me dead at my desk.  NOTHING has ever been handed to me EVER, my family was dirt poor but because we all were expected to hold down a job, we did.  The government has no business knowing my business and insisting that I buy something that maybe I don't want to buy.  This is the beginning of a police-state action.  And, No, I am not a Republican.

  150. Start over - this is a disaster.

  151. It is a bad law that should be repealed.  The American people were lied to and promises were made that were false.  We need to improve health care in the US and no one should be denied health care for lack of money.  American health care is among the most expensive in the world yet we rank very low among the developed countries..

  152. REPEAL THE OBAMACARE ACT BEFORE ANYMORE DAMAGE IS. DONE. I understand the reasons behind it but crippling our economy or pocket books. People have lost faith in our leaders. We have a good country but its going downhill fast.

  153. It is a free country and any law that forces the population to pay for something they don't want or don't need infringes on our constitutional rights.

  154. Repeal it

  155. We America obviously cannot afford it! WE DO NOT WANT IT! We HATE BEING LIED TO & FORCED INTO oFLOPacare! We are NOT going to put up with the EVIL obamacare insurance!

  156. It needs to be dumped and needed reform needs to start all over!

  157. DEFUND

  158. It's bad

  159. It should be put to a vote by the people...NOT the representatives in office currently or in the future.

  160. I don't have insurance now, and I still won't be able to afford a policy! My state is not expanding Medicaid, although I make slightly too much money for it, I can't afford an individual policy!

  161. I am extremely upset on how this President blatantly disregards the constitution and rules things in his own manner.  We are in enough debt and I am tired of paying for those who feel they are entitled and want to live off us who work hard.

  162. Get rid of it!

  163. It's none of the governments business what kind of plan I have or any if my personal information

  164. This has nothing to do with health care. It's government taking away our rights and gaining control over us.

  165. Why in the world would bright hard-working people go to medical school under all this bureaucracy?  It will be a thoroughly miserable occupation.

  166. They tried to swallow the whole elephant. They should've fixed one thing at a time. Small bites. Secondly I feel like another personal freedom, another individual choice is being taken away.

  167. It's the worst piece of legislation passed.

  168. It is a huge mistake for our country

  169. Repeal Obamacare Now!!!


  171. Just a way to tax more people

  172. It needs to be repealed and done away with! It's a train wreck hurting millions of Americans

  173. Don't trust the government with my health information.

  174. Repeal it.

  175. Repeal it! Defund it!

  176. Needs to be defunded

  177. Repeal it now.

  178. The fact that no one knows what exactly Obamacare entails including our politicians scares me.

  179. It is raping the accounts of all the benefit programs that have been in place for years. What happens to gov. funded ins. When no money is left to fund it. Then elite few will be able to afford it. Do we then pay cash who can afford that.  Are we back to square one.  Still no ins.  And middle class no ins.  Then we will come full circle for what??

  180. I’m so sad that our congress has allowed this to go forward.

  181. Not only is it ill thought out, in the long run it is just another handout to those who don't work financed by those who do.

  182. It's a mess & untrustworthy.  Too many people have had hrs cut & lost jobs already because of it.  Also don't think the got should impose costs for procedures that are against my or anyone else's beliefs.

  183. Its just not ready yet...go back to the drawing board

  184. Repeal it...start is more broken than what we had before. I’m terrified with our health issues we will loose our work place coverage. It is bad for the country and GOVT only screws more things up.

  185. Stop It!!!

  186. Worst president ever.

  187. Gov should not be in the business of healthcare

  188. My employer (26 people in my company) previously covered 100% of my medical premium. Because of the "Affordable Care Act" I had to switch to a $2,500 deductible plan for which I get no tax credits because I don't meet the income cutoff. To get coverage in the marketplace, you must put in sensitive information that I'm uncomfortable submitting online on a website with so many issues.

  189. Too many people losing coverage, too many people having their premiums raised anywhere from 50% to 100+%. You can't have something for nothing and now we are all paying for it. Big time.

  190. It will ruin our country as we know it.

  191. Yes. The government cannot regulate every little thing. Jeez soon we will be living in a communist country, unable to do anything without the government telling us w can.

  192. The IRS involvement makes me very apprehensive. The website launch is the first of many issues I am sure.

  193. I do not want to pay for services I don't need or feel are immoral. It takes from working people

  194. Though I don't think it's the number one reason Obamacare is bad for the country, I strongly oppose it based on the infringement of religion.

  195. Get him out of office

  196. Not good

  197. People can't afford it. It does not offer any better coverage. It Will and has cost jobs. It is a tax. I don't care what u want to call it. Obama and congress and everyone in the govt should also have it and pay into it if they believe it is so great. Lead by example!  Who's going to pay for all the illegals? They sure aren't. Large corporations and unions SHOULD NOT be exempt.  The govt can't manage itself or balance a budget. I don't trust them to be in charge of my healthcare choices.  More and more we are having our freedoms and rights taken away. More and more we are finding that we cannot trust our government. They are out of touch with the middle class.

  198. Repeal it now!!!!!!!

  199. I am disgusted by the law that was sold to us using lies

  200. The irs should not have any part in it

  201. This will bankrupt the middle class and only lead to a single payer system which will lead to higher taxes and decline of society.

  202. I think it needs to be defended and something else needs to be done for those who are in need of health insurance...instead of so many being taken care of on Medicaid. That is going to bankrupt the states.

  203. Hate it!

  204. Yes, repeal

  205. The government needs to step back.  It is infringing on our rights by forcing people to have insurance.  It is insanely costly.  It will move us closer to a socialist healthcare country, which makes quality of service go down, availability of service lessen as well.  It has WAY too many hidden clauses that the citizens of this country know nothing about.  Obama needs to be done in office and stop destroying our economy with his socialist laws and hidden agendas.  His policies take money from the productive to support the unproductive.  Obamacare is a disaster that the textbooks of the future will document and explain.

  206. Repeal this idiotic law as soon as possible!

  207. I understand that people need and have the right to insurance. I do not believe that because I work hard I should pay more for other people.

  208. Repeal it.  It is not about healthcare but control. Have a real conversation about healthcare, wouldn’t have taken much to make vast improvements, didn’t need this

  209. There are other options hr2300 private insurance keep government out of healthcare

  210. There has to be a better way to help those in need then destroy the current system. Single payer is not the answer

  211. The government should not be in control of people's health care

  212. It will bring disaster to our country.

  213. There should have been insurance reform not a complete overhaul of our healthcare system. It would have been cheaper, smarter and easier to fix what we had instead of this mess that will take years to fix if it is even fixable. Just another example of government botched programs that really don't have tax paying citizens interests in mind. It's all about control and hard working people's money being used by those that don't have any business having control. Very sad for our wonderful Country to fall into the hands of traitors. That is what the progressive movement is...just a bunch of traitors.

  214. It stinks and is full of lies. People who don't work for anything don't deserve to have people who work hard pay their way. It's called socialism!

  215. The only thing that is a benefit is coverage for pre existing conditions. Why not just address that problem and leave the others alone. Also 21-26 yr olds are "not"children!!

  216. It is no good for anybody

  217. Get rid of it.

  218. Costs of care continuing to rise despite obamacare claims to make health care more accessible and affordable, coverage being cancelled by employers/schools/insurers due to not meeting mandate requirements and nothing is replacing it

  219. This isn't about helping the few that didn't have healthcare, that always got it free. It is about a huge power grab and redistributing our income.

  220. Think it's a mess.

  221. It should have just fixed the loopholes in our current situation, not overhauled and torn down what did work.

  222. The president, senators, congressmen, and all other government people should HAVE to have this insurance program forced on them also.

  223. It was forced on us, congress and especially the President should not force anything on its constituency.  It was crammed down our throats and lied.

  224. I think the affordable care act is a joke. My premiums have gone up for next year, far from "affordable". Meanwhile the government is subsidizing low income families. I am tired of paying for somebody else's problems. We are all given the same opportunities in life. If you choose to have 5 kids you can't pay for, why should taxpayers/ your insurance premiums foot the bill for them?! This nation disgusts me. I am truly embarrassed to be an American citizen. I am tired of the government mandating and policing my life. The people who voted for the ACA had NO clue what it really was.

  225. Has not been well compiled too broad. More folks sign up for Medicaid they will not pay for it despite the price

  226. First why did they get Canadians to write the program? Part of the United States problems is that we out source to other countries because it's cheaper. Obama knows exactly what he is doing to the middle class. He will cause many to have to choose between the basic necessities or paying for insurance. Obama needs to learn how to accept responsibility for the failure of the launch of Obamacare.

  227. Repeal it.

  228. What a corrupt mess!

  229. It should be outlawed

  230. The worst ideal EVER!!!!!!!!

  231. Appeal it! Start over.

  232. Start over. Conservatives are not bad and have several points they agree on you can not force insurance on people and it's all a plot for socialized health care. Want to keep system of free market. Open it up and let the market drive it

  233. No one is listening to Americans that we don't want this mess of health care.  Plus non-citizens are getting benefits

  234. It stinks

  235. I would love to see it repealed. I think it is an infringement on our rights to be forced to buy a product and subsidize via higher premium payments life insurance for the poor. Health care reform such as coverage for people with existing conditions can be accomplished without forcing everyone to buy in. Just like car insurance costs more for bad drivers, insurers should be allowed to charge sick people that have preventable diseases more. It is all about personal responsibility. You chose to eat that fried chicken and get high cholesterol from it, my insurance shouldn't go up because of it. I go to lengths to take care of my health, exercise and eat healthy and shouldn't have to pay for other people's bad habits.

  236. Bad policy.

  237. Too late now


  239. The government can't do anything well. Stay out of our health care!

  240. Defund it

  241. repeal! repeal!

  242. Seems like it was designed to hurt American citizens

  243. Get rid of it. It is ruining our country. It is adding to our national debt. It is hurting people, not helping.

  244. God help the world. Please

  245. My husband and I work for a living and the only ppl I see this helping is the ppl who lay around and have kids by 20 different men.

  246. This program is not anything like what Obama had promised. Not less expensive for people that already had insurance and the people who planned to buy insurance are not able to sign up due to the computer mess and the ones who have gotten on are not signing up because it is still more expensive than they want it to be. Mainly most people that don't have insurance want it to be free. Before the government got involved in the private lives of people and their insurance they would have found that blue cross blue shield HAD lots of affordable plans. I know because I have had their plan in the past. The new care plan has already affected a number of self employed friends of mine, not for good.

  247. If you couldn’t afford health care before Obamacare why would anyone think forcing health care cost to the public would make it better/ I don’t feel Goverment should have the right to impose this.  Now instead of extra groceries I will be paying for insurance.

  248. Get rid of it

  249. It is unconstitutional and the president should be impeached

  250. Don 't force this on people! We can decide for ourselves!

  251. I would rather have had the Federal Government require expansion of laws mandating states to provide medical care via government hospitals. Charity hospitals providing free care are going to be shut down under the current plan.

  252. Repeal it and let me be free to cover myself as I see fit.

  253. Why it was given to outside source to make website. Why bill not read, passed in middle of night, no new taxes it is biggest tax ever

  254. Admit it is a screwed up mess and that it will never work, go back to letting the people choose what they want

  255. This is the country's worst nightmare. Our days of prosperity and individual liberty will be over if this law is not repealed.

  256. It needs to be repealed. The president needs to be impeached and charged with treason because he has total contempt for the American people much less being a liar.

  257. If it's so great why are so many groups and companies getting waivers?

  258. Get rid of it!

  259. I think it is terrible the government telling us what we have to have and the government can put a price tag on it.  People who work so hard for their money have to support the dead beats who won't work.

  260. I can't wait until we catch up with the rest of the first world countries and have universal health care but until that day, this is a great step in the right direction.

  261. I think it's a wonderful thing if this country allows it

  262. Should have been single payer!

  263. I'm tired of the scare tactics tried to prevent this much needed progress.

  264. While it needs to be streamlined I think many children and single parents will benefit from this care.  I wish each state was mandated to increase Medicaid and could insure illegal aliens as there is a great need in Texas!!

  265. Although this will never happen, I wish people would take politics out of things that are good for the overall citizens of this country.  There is a large majority that wants this plan to fail and they will do everything they can to make sure that it does.   And it doesn't matter if this plan benefits the average person, because The few who are opposed to it really don't care that much about the common citizen anyway.  And others just follow along because of simple hatred for Pres. Obama.  This man could hand out checks from his own paycheck to random citizens in the country and someone would still find something wrong with it.

  266. Major social change must begin somewhere and this is a fine, albeit rough, beginning to try to solve an endemic, systemic type of discrimination against our most vulnerable citizens and residents.

  267. Yes, there have been some unforeseen issues with the roll out as far as the website glitches and policies getting canceled, but Rome wasn't built in a day. The website will be fixed and President Obama has taken action and apologized for the policies being cancelled and allowed them to be extended for another year.  (These were probably sub par policies anyway. I'm sure the greedy insurance companies found a loophole and are simply shifting the blame to the ACA).  I understand that the people who lost these policies are upset, but did they look at the other options that may be available to them now in the marketplace?      I'm currently between jobs and if I don't find a new one before the enrollment period is up, I will be purchasing a policy in the marketplace.  I'm thankful to have this as an affordable option for my situation right now because we all know COBRA is a joke!      I support the President and I wish more of the POSITIVE aspects of the ACA were reported in the news.

  268. It's a shame the website wasn't robust from the start.

  269. I think it's long past due and I am tired of the right wing and their propaganda machines dictating policy that represents only the few

  270. The media is distorting the problem, playing into the hands of the haters. This is a huge change in insurance philosophy, and will need to time to be fully implemented before it can be judged fairly.

  271. Gives more people health insurance..assuming they don't live in one of the states who worked against it and made those of us who can't afford paying for health insurance, don't have insurance through work, makes too much for Medicaid but too little to afford your own

  272. Fire the idiots that set up the program with so many faults.

  273. As a woman with a chronic health condition, I am grateful for the wider range of affordable options that the Affordable Care Act offers me.

  274. I think the Republicans and critics are using this for political reasons with no concern for what they are doing to the country.

  275. Except the fair access to healthcare for everyone, President Obama should reconsider about the reasons/causes that why not all of people could afford the health insurance in the United States. Does the expensive treatment in hospitals contribute to it? or is there any relationship between high tuition in Medical schools and lack of nosocomial resources?

  276. I think it is an excellent plan for the United States.

  277. Heading toward Medicare for all is the best way to go!!

  278. Give it a chance

  279. Wish the public option (Medicare for all) had remained part of the final solution

  280. Too many people are addressing Obamacare that are only getting their info from Facebook and/or Fox News.

  281. This is a critical change to make to the US standard of living, economy, and long-term fiscal health of the country. While the need for broader healthcare is clear, the process of negotiating the legislation was near-sighted and heavy handed.  While I support Obamacare in theory, the execution has been irresponsible. Both parties are accountable for the poor result of this legislation.  Shame on them all.

  282. I am in favor of access to health care for all

  283. People need to understand it better and problems need to be corrected. Doesn't have to be a problem except for the politicization.

  284. I am happy that our 3 children that are over 21, are still covered by our insurance.

  285. People need to read an abundance of material to truly understand how they are impacted by the ACA. People need to research there health care options... everything worth having requires effort!

  286. It is huge policy change that is needed for our country; there will be challenges and lessons learned, but overall, it will be historically great for the future of our country

  287. Although the website problems have been many, in time it will smooth out and millions of Americans will benefit. My husband has had two fights with cancer and if we had not had good insurance we would be in serious debt right now. No one should have to go through that.

  288. Thank you, Mr. President, for pursuing universal healthcare for the citizens of this nation.

  289. Needs to be presented in a much simpler format that is easy to understand without having to read a book to know the basics

  290. I think it will help our country rather than hinder it.

  291. So proud of our president for fighting for healthcare for everyone!

  292. I would like the country to give this plan a wholehearted try before people decide it's a bad idea.

  293. I think of it like a beta version of healthcare it needs major tweeting just like very new program you have to outline now adjust it to do what it should

  294. I love it! The kinks will be worked out. Had it been passed back in the day when Ted Kennedy wanted to pass it, we wouldn't have these current issues.

  295. I am glad people that could not afford insurance before can have the opportunity to get insurance.  I still support President Obama and hope that things will improve as time goes on with Obamacare.

  296. He is doing a good job.

  297. Fix the website. Should not have been the bad news that dominate the news.

  298. Thank you Obama!

  299. I think we need affordable health care for everyone in this country.

  300. I wish the website had been ready so the nay sayers didn't have ammunition! Oh well

  301. Get the tech/application part running smoothly. And don't let the corporate ins companies rip off average ppl. And don't let government waste tax revenues that are taken from my honest earned wages. !!!!

  302. It should be implemented just like insurance coverage is required for cars I don't know about people but I value my health more than I value my car.

  303. Give it a chance

  304. I love Obama & Obama Care!!!

  305. It has already been voted on so I don't think it should still be an issue. We should just shut up about it!

  306. Single payer would of been better and cheaper.

  307. I am tired of everyone complaining about birth control! My choice, my body, & my money paying for my premiums. They (the companies, businesses, and religious) don't exactly have to watch me swallow the damn pill nor am I asking them to swallow it either

  308. It is so politicized and too many on the right are intentional spreading lies and trying to undermine it.

  309. This is just the start of helping Americans and would be even better with a single payer system.

  310. It's better than Clinton's idea of social medical insuran

  311. People in outrage over losing a plan that is inadequate is not a reflection of Obama not fulfilling his promise. It is a reflection of insurance companies not doing their part to make their plans meet the standards set out in the law.

  312. It has to be better than what has been in place.

  313. It should be referred to as AffordableCare - there is too much negative connotation associated with "Obamacare" due to the colorblind racism in this country and fear that some other "race/culture" will take over.

  314. This is a killing hateful group of people who insist on labeling the Affordable Care Act differently...knock it off...grow up NOW

  315. We have many relatives who live in other countries.  We have also used other countries' healthcare when traveling.  We have had good experiences and all our relatives have accessing other health care systems in countries as varied as New Zealand, Belize and Mexico.  The relatives who visit us cannot believe how expensive and inadequate our health care system has become. Obama care is long overdue and probably does not create as much as a change as I would like.

  316. I am glad that the greatest nation in the world will provide healthcare for it's citizens.

  317. PLEASE fix the federal website.

  318. I hope that once fully implemented people will understand why it is so important.

  319. There will be plenty of snags along the way. Back when Social Security was introducted, people said it wouldnt work. It's still in place today.

  320. Thank you Democrats and Mr President for your efforts. Stand strong!  I am fed up with the talking heads and misinformation.  The President did not cancel policies.  The insurance companies did! Why didn't the insurance companies simply bring the policies in compliance with the law????

  321. Give The Affordable Care Act a chance!

  322. Sick of people complaining about it when it will help so many

  323. Good idea... Many kinks.... Very expensive health insurance now!

  324. Insurance companies (vultures) have been exploiting the disenfranchised.  It is government's role to protect consumers from unscrupulous businesses and their practices.

  325. We are required to have ins on cars, homes,  Why not our bodies. The  person who  doesn't have ins impacts the ones that do

  326. It is alarming how much the U.S. still stands out from much of the developed world in state efforts to make medical care available to the public. Obamacare may have kinks, and is certainly not perfect, but it is a necessary move for our country.

  327. Keep calm and carry on.  In the end, this will do a great deal of good for those who need it most.

  328. Educate the community instead finding a reason for this to be a wrong thing for America.  You know how many people always complain they do not have insurance and have to pay astronomical medical bills?   The only thing that needs to change is that only US Citizens in American can benefit from Health Insurance and those that are here illegally and apply for Health Insurance must pay a premium since they are here to work and better themselves. Only children that are here illegally can be considered for Health Plan.

  329. The Affordable Healthcare Act is not just about making Americans physically healthy; it also is about the idea of offering Americans equal opportunities.

  330. I believe that once the bugs are worked out, it will be a valuable law.

  331. I wish the president & the democrats would do a better job promoting & selling it!

  332. We also should have universal minimum income.  Period.

  333. Obamacare may not be what was needed, but our country HAD to try something. It was getting where too few people was carrying the rest of the nation. Way too many young people not paying for their medical costs.

  334. The problem I have is the republicans have found a way to keep us from obtaining access to the site for us to get the benefits going before the original dead line.

  335. I want it to work

  336. We need to give this law Time to be put into place and work

  337. No, except I am tired of listening to all the discussions over ObamaCare.

  338. After all the bugs are worked out, it will be good for everyone.


  340. I think it's great and that we need to stand together, not divided. Show how people benefit it everyone's family. All classes, all races.

  341. It should be named OBAMACARES!!!

  342. I believe it will force insurance companies to become more competitive and lower their rates.

  343. Think we need help if anyone has anything better lets here it! It seams like. Ones that don't want it is the wealthy

  344. This has not turned out the way it was intended initially.  It really needs to be socialized but the government would only mess that up too.

  345. I think it's going to take many years to work out the problems. But it's about time we got started.

  346. Some changes are good, but People need decent jobs to afford healthcare. Corporate greed is why our healthcare is so expensive ( for example prescription costs, compared to europe and canada).

  347. Now is the time.  Citizens of greatest country in the world should have access to health care.It can't get here fast enough!

  348. Change is always scary, lets give it a genuine chance.

  349. This is a massive, positive social change for the country and will take time to work well.  We need to stick together, hang in there, and support the Administration.

  350. Yes! I really wish republicans could just once think about the welfare of someone other than themselves & if they won't help with this program at least stop undermining & demonizing it! Whole new concept for them, I realize but would sure go along way towards humanizing them. Of course must admit after all they've done would suspect them of other than anything honorable if they were to suddenly do an about turn on this or anything good for ALL the people!

  351. The only way this could be better is if it were single payer.  Greedy for-profit insurance companies are a cancer on our society.

  352. The media is not reporting fairly. They are taking exceptional cases and reporting it as the norm

  353. I am infuriated by the media and many peoples' inability to differentiate between Obamacare and the website. I wish that our leaders would be more adamant about the difference. Anything new faces growing pains and unexpected challenges to be overcome.People grumble about the changes Facebook makes, but they keep using it. I do not want to see the provisions watered down so that people can keep insufficient insurance-- I am absolutely against that.

  354. I think Obamacare is a good first step toward the ultimate goal of a single-payer, Medicare for all, universal health coverage plan that would bring the United States in line with the rest of the world.

  355. I think that there will be cons with the program but the pros out weigh them. I cannot abide the individuals fighting so hard against it. Not one individual I know that has opposed this have not had a personal reason to complain, they are going by what they see in the media. I think the current admin have not explained it or addressed the issues that the opposing are complaining about. I also think that part of the resistance is because Republicans are being obstinate

  356. I strongly support the. Affordable Care Act and am dismayed by those who are trying to dilute its success by not expanding Medicaid.

  357. They sure should have worked out all the software glitches before they launched!

  358. Republicans cooperate and help to make this thing work-stop trying to kill it. Stop the politics!!!

  359. I would like to see the President and his administration out there touting the benefits. The scaremongers need to be shut down.I hope that someday we get single payer or at least public option

  360. Shout out our thoughts, we need to be heard

  361. I think obamacare is confusing!  Can I still get it if I am a union member?  do I still have to pay for insurance through the union if I choose obamacare?

  362. It may not be the end-all solution, but it is a step in the right direction.

  363. I completely support the ACA.

  364. It's probably not a perfect solution but it's a good beginning. Medicare should be available to everyone at 62.

  365. All states should have expanded Medicaid coverage.

  366. A majority of the people criticizing it simply do not understand it or have been listening to the republican perspective.  People need to do more research on their own before they continue to say it is a bad thing.  Once more people sign up for it and start benefitting from it, the opinion will start shifting.  Many don't stop to think that preventative care will ultimately save us, us tax payers, more in the long run.

  367. So glad this is finally the law for people like me who have pre existing conditions.

  368. Yes the website should have been the best. However, it is a smokescreen because there were other means of accessing program. Yes the website sucks.

  369. The system has kinks, like any large policy. When the affordable care act became law, the groundwork to fix the kinks should have begun. Instead, our elected officials chose to act like petulant children, throwing tantrums (by my last count 45 of them), this problems that could have been corrected 3 years ago still exists

  370. I think Obama seriously undermined the program by over promising.  That said, the Republicans have also grossly misrepresented various part of the acts and their outrage at Obama's overpromise is a great example of hypocrisy.

  371. I LOVE Obamacare.

  372. I also have a lot of friends who are in massive debt or have had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. One had a complicated pregnancy when she didn't have insurance and the rest of them were otherwise young and healthy but had various accidents. I have other friends who were suddenly covered under their parents insurance after Obama was elected when they were previously uninsured. I've also worked dead-end jobs in college after I was no longer eligible to be on my parent's plan and was afraid I would get hurt and not be able to get help. Obviously the AHA won't run that smoothly for a while but in the long-run I think it will help many more people than it would hurt to a much greater e

  373. Any major change like this is going to be painful.  I don't mind calling it Obamacare but that is not the official name of it.  Why is this survey referring to it as Obamacare and not the proper name of the Affordable Care Act?

  374. I am disappointed by the technical issues with the rollout.  This has shifted the conversation from the benefits of the program overall to the initial glitches, which I think can be overcome.  However, I expected better from the administration in rolling out their signature policy initiative.

  375. Sometimes change may seem bad cause its new and it takes people time to get comfortable to see the benefits