See Why Some Women are Not in Favor of Obamacare

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Reasons Why Women Think Obamacare is Bad for the Country

  1. This will not fix a broken healthcare system. It will break America.

  2. NOT affordable. Insurance could have been fixed by allowing purchase across state lines and tort reform. Altering our economy and our socioeconomic dynamics is ridiculous. NOTHING in life is free, NOTHING!!!  When you get "free" birth control or "reduced" health insurance, I am paying for it. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

  3. If people have money they should be able to purchase a low cost high deductible plan.

  4. We are not a socialist society.

  5. Those that can't afford insurance will be penalized..small town business has already shut their doors because they can't afford to offer workers insurance

  6. Costs

  7. It will cost taxpayers an incredible amount if money run by the same people that run the DMV. It will have a negative impact on the economy.

  8. It "reforms" nothing. It simply incorporates more people into a flawed system, does not address healthcare costs, and regulates the consumer rather than the provider. Plus the incompetence being demonstrated now in just trying to implement it is staggering.

  9. Our country does not need to be controlled in such a way where instead of helping the majority of people who are struggling during this time we are forced into a trap that will bring us further down into debt! Let us decide what us best for our families!

  10. Not fair.  Obama is punishing most working middle class to give to mostly undeserving

  11. The system doesn't work

  12. Not executed effectively and will cause more problems than fix them

  13. Too expensive

  14. I went online to the website for Colorado. To get close to the same insurance I have now, it would cost $775/month. That is not affordable. To get the cheapest plan available I would pay $275/month with a $6300 deductible. Again, that is not affordable and making only $11/hr I could not afford $275. So how is obamacare helping me? How is it affordable and how can I pay my other bills if I were forced to have this insurance? I could not.

  15. It is unconstitutional and unamerican. Period.

  16. It will destroy our current system which is the best health system in the world. People come here for excellent care.

  17. Never addressed the key problems.

  18. You cannot continue to give people something for nothing. Someone has to pay for it. Nothing is free!!!!

  19. I shouldn't be forced to buy something I don't want, and it is a tax. One more step closer to a communist country. Government needs to stay out of my business

  20. I and others now are forced to pay over 200.00 mth for insurance and if get sick can't even afford the co pay so I still can't use it. It's cheaper to go to doc and pay less than 2500.00 a yr

  21. I think obamacare takes away my previous health plan which I loved but can no longer afford due to the increasing cost to pay for others

  22. Everyone who I know, including our family, work very hard and our rates are increasing - doubling and sometimes tripling.

  23. The law is designed to fundamentally change the way health card decisions are made in this country, and I'm not OK with injecting anything besides the best interest of the patient and prudent medical practice into the medical decision-making process.

  24. Mandating that employers cover birth control and abortifacients and not allowing them to claim religious exemption

  25. It seems too complicated - I don't think anyone understands it!

  26. It's a bad law that will wreck our healthcare system. People come to our country for the healthcare and it's gonna circle the drain. I say this as the wife of a family physician.

  27. The government cannot successfully run an additional 6% of the economy. Health care needs help, however this is not the answer.

  28. Government should not be mandating healthcare

  29. Do not believe you should have further taxes or government regulation

  30. The government has already been involved in healthcare look what they've done with the VA if that's not proof the government doesn't have any idea how to run a healthcare I don't know what is!

  31. Expensive, cumbersome and not needed - there are better solutions.

  32. The cost will be devastating and it's not my responsibility as a single parent or person to be financially responsible for someone else's insurance. Let's not forget that we had absolutely no say as to whether we wanted this unaffordable healthcare.

  33. It is socialism. It is bad for economy. It hurts and costs everyone including low income more than it helps.

  34. It will bankrupt this country, raise the cost of insurance, and cause the quality of care to deteriorate.

  35. It makes us pay for things that we don't need or want.

  36. I have my reasons

  37. Current healthcare is going to cost more! And I don't think anyone should be forced to buy any product including insurance!!!

  38. Because it will be "affordable" for the poor while rates go up for the rest of us.

  39. It's forced and causes the healthy middle class to pay the difference for others being covered.  That's not right!  Also the people racking up ER bills for no insurance will still continue to do so and just pay the yearly $75 fine for no coverage.  This is not a solution to the healthcare issue.  Reigning in the prices and profits of insurance companies hospitals and others would be where to start

  40. Everyone I know has been affected negatively!!  My daughters family insurance is increasing by 60%... An amount they absolutely cannot afford!!!

  41. We are a Republic, not a socialist society.

  42. Healthcare costs rising!

  43. America needs to get off of it's but and get to work.  i work where thousands of decent paying jobs are offered each year and very few apply or even show up when they accept the job.  Why would they work when so many handouts are given.  Where is the encouragement except for those of us brought up to not depend on anyone else for our needs and being too proud to ask.

  44. Rates will increase and many people with employer sponsored insurance like myself will end up losing their coverage. I educated myself so I can have a good job that would offer benefits while women who chose to stay home and do nothing to better themselves depended on govt assistance. I will end up losing my coverage and that lazy women sitting at home will receive Medicaid. I studied hard with no sleep and I get screwed in the end!

  45. Already experiencing an increase in premiums and decrease in coverage.

  46. Too much power to executive branch... It's unconstitutional

  47. This used to be a free country and being forced to buy something is wrong. I also am not having anymore kids and don't think u should be forced to pay for something I'm not going to use.

  48. Many people can’t afford insurance! Every other country gives people free healthcare. They don’t force them to do without essentials to buy it

  49. Increasing cost to healthy people, possible job loss due to increased cost to employer.

  50. No one even no what it entails. Congress didn't even read the 2,000+ page bill before they signed it. It touches on much more than healthcare and interferes too much in lives. Instead of messing up everyone, they should have just worked on ppl who didn't have healthcare.

  51. We are a free enterprise country and it will NOT be cost effective for the people who cannot afford health insurance in the first place.

  52. Increases in premiums, costs, and fees associated with the ACA.

  53. The change loss of current insurance and the very high cost to replace coverage

  54. It is hard to obtain, and in NC it is not fair that we only have BCBS to pick from

  55. I work in healthcare as a RN and it just a worse form of medical assistance!

  56. It's unsustainable and more expensive than current insurance plans. Plus it's ridiculous for men and menopausal women to be mandated to have maternity coverage. Also for empty nesters to be mandated to have child coverage. Why?  It's not insurance that will benefit them. It's just another way for those who contribute to pay for those who don't.

  57. Government has no place in insurance or healthcare

  58. Not practical

  59. I am on medicare it is already 30 percent more expensive because of Obamacare, I cannot afford more

  60. It is hurting more people than helping and we were lied to! It's not helping those it should. Reform is the best answer, not this.

  61. The government has no business running healthcare- it's expensive and not as good as my coverage!

  62. Government does not do things well.

  63. So far I am among 5 million Americans who are losing their insurance coverage due to the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act. The number of folks losing their insurance grows every day.

  64. I don't believe in forcing people to purchase something they do not necessarily need. I think that the root of all the problems that go along with Obamacare. It's simply unconstitutional.

  65. Too much government interference ... Not enough work on controlling costs

  66. Because it made private insurance policies increase significantly and the coverage is worse. We were not allowed to KEEP our policy the way it was AND the price increase is ridiculous! We ARE working families who should not be punished or have to pay for lazy people who COULD work but chose to be a freeloader!!! America's healthcare system worked fine in my opinion. There was Medicare and Medicaid in place. If anything should have been done, Obama could have created something JUST for people with preexisting conditions and the Lazy and left the rest of us alone!

  67. Cost and not being prepared

  68. Because it is forced, it really isn't affordable with the high deductibles. I do not think it will work. People that could not afford it before still can't afford it now. I don't think young healthy people will suddenly start paying for health insurance, which will ultimately cause the program to fail. I also do not like the fact that people who did have insurance had their policies canceled.  I think the whole thing was based on lies.  I do believe everyone should have healthcare available to them but thinks either Medicare or Medicaid could have been expanded to allow coverage to the ones that can't afford it. I could go on but I will stop now. Hate it!!!

  69. Government should not make people take coverage it is a personal choice.

  70. Insurance cost will go up for many.

  71. It is a sham and has been from the start. It's more about govt. control than caring for people.

  72. Government needs to stay out of the insurance system.

  73. The cost to the taxpayers, taking away freedom of choice and free enterprise and being run by government will be fiasco.

  74. It is not the reason we have a government.

  75. It's a train wreck

  76. Too expensive.

  77. Why force people to have something they don't want and cannot afford.   Just destroying America.

  78. Not everyone can afford it

  79. I just moved to a new area and because of Obamacare, no doctor is taking new patients and especially if ones is on Medicare.  I have no physician to treat me.

  80. It doesn't resolve the problem of the uninsured, it raises costs for EVERYONE, it kills jobs, and it will bankrupt the system -- pick one.

  81. Government has proven to be a horrible administrator, it doesn't have anything to do with health insurance

  82. I think it's a scam and Obama is not very clear on anything he says. I do not trust him

  83. Ridiculous that I am required to purchase insurance, when financially it makes more sense for me to pay out of pocket for services I need.  I will pay more in a year for insurance premiums than the actual cost of services I am provided with.

  84. It is hurting more than it is helping. Those who have private insurance rates are increasing. So that what we can pay for those who won't work so they can get free insurance.

  85. Not affordable

  86. The damage it will do to the quality of healthcare in the US.

  87. It is not the government's job to provide healthcare to the public. It is only their job to protect my rights to earn a living and take of myself which I continue to do. I do not believe in the "health care tax". I do not support socialized medicine and the redistribution of wealth. The Liberals are wrong for where they are leading this country.

  88. Nothing is free. I feel in order for our rights as American to remain intact the Obama plan should have been transparent and the people of the US should have been able to weigh in on concerns prior to mandating it as law. Doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators weighing in on potential downfalls .... Poorly handled in every aspect. Wise men change their ways, fools never do.

  89. Cost

  90. Too many problems with it, should never have been signed into law when those approving it didn't even understand it

  91. It will reduce the level of insurance coverage for some people by not allowing "Cadillac" plans.  While I agree that some people need coverage, I do not think we need to water down the entire system and socialize it.

  92. Not well thought out plan.

  93. The cost to everyone involved. Someone has to pay for it.

  94. Private insurance premiums will skyrocket

  95. Cost too much

  96. Terrible for the country. Sold on LIES

  97. Cost is too great and fundamentally changes our healthcare system

  98. We desperately needed torte reform BEFORE anything else!!  That would have made healthcare reform much less complicated.  And Obamacare is WAAAY too complicated!!!!  And run by the IRS?????  You've got to be kidding me!!!!

  99. The middle-income earners will be destroyed by the costs of medical insurance now. My personal expense will more than triple. Only privatized, competing insurers can bring prices down.

  100. It is too expensive for the nation.

  101. It is going to destroy our health system.  Many cannot afford coverage and will pay the fine.

  102. The governments not in the insurance business... Nor should you be taking the civil matters into hand! This is the private sector issue. There are matters that really matter for the government to be focused on. Also the US is not built on socialism policies

  103. It penalizes people with good incomes and gives freeloaders even more.

  104. Added expense to monthly budget is outrageous

  105. The ones who will benefit most already do by taking advantage of honest tax payers like myself either the young who already are covered under their parents except when I left home at 17. I was screwed but still paid taxes that I did not benefit from or now that I'm thirty and a married mother my child has no ins bc we can not afford to pay for it and do not qualify for ANY benefits like ins for her never mind us or food stamps which we pay for so most nights we pray day care which we do not get reimbursed for fed her bc we can not we barely have any food to feed ourselves but Obama doesn't think about that bc we "qualify" as middle class bc we make .96 cents too much

  106. The system was already broken and other major problems needed to be fixed before dumping 46 million uninsured people into the mix. There is a doctor shortage already, particularly in primary care, so there is no way to adequately care for all these people. Fix the doc shortage, fix existing problems etc first! Let people keep their existing insurance and don't pass a flawed piece of legislation just to make a political point.

  107. Current insurance coverage policy changes not advantageous to many who already have good policies

  108. I know about social health care since I come from a country that's been practicing it all my life.  Is all going to come to corruption, beside more out if pocket that people are going to have to pay, the service quality is going to drop with time......

  109. Everyone needs to work to earn there keep no exceptions which includes everyone

  110. It is not affordable, and It is full of lies

  111. It should be your choice if you want health insurance

  112. It is too much money. Will not save ANYONE any money.

  113. We don't need it!  Old people have Medicare, poor people have Medicaid, in Fl we have Fl Kidcare for children!  Working adults have employer insurance.  The only people without insurance are young people who are usually healthy and the self-employed.

  114. Socialized medicine

  115. The cost and loss of insurance for more people

  116. Our insurance premiums have increased. Many peers have same result. Why should I pay more so that others can have very low cost coverage? I am not rich.

  117. Increased rates for majority of people and don't like being made to have coverage

  118. Everyone might can't afford to pay for the insurance

  119. I think the government has no place telling people what they can or can’t afford.

  120. It increases regulations, decreases quality of healthcare while giving the working class a high bill for it while people who don't pay taxes will be covered by it. And it's a Trainwreck in general.

  121. It has increased everyone's premiums, even those with individual health care. It is NOT affordable for the middle class.

  122. Government shouldn't control our healthcare!!

  123. It is gonna cause healthcare to rise and employers am individuals will not be able to afford the coverage

  124. Common sense. It's all in the numbers.

  125. I don't want the government in control of my healthcare.

  126. Redistribution of everyone's wealth

  127. Killing the middle class

  128. Increasing the debt and dubbing down quality health care for all.

  129. Our insurance had doubled in order for others to have subsidies

  130. The health care isn't affordable. I'm a single mom barely making it and my company insurance is expensive and isn't good coverage but Obamacare was more expensive and even worse then my works

  131. Where is the money coming from?

  132. I really don't want to be forced into something that I don't want or can afford

  133. If I could afford insurance I would purchase it. With Obama care- I am being forced to buy insurance at a very high cost which I cannot pay for on a fixed low paying salary job.

  134. It is an example of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  135. You screwed up my good health insurance. Cost more with half the coverage! Thanks for NOTHING!!

  136. It will bankrupt our Country.   We will get worse care for higher costs.   My premium doubled since Obamacare was passed.   It needs to be repealed immediately

  137. Not about health at all. Designed to destroy health system and middle class. Obvious.

  138. Not affordable. Don't want government involved in my business.  Lies got it passed

  139. Only raises the cost on everyone paying...

  140. The cost and government control!

  141. Socialism.  Welfare state. Unsustainable.

  142. I want total control over health insurance decisions. Socialism does not belong in our country. GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER OUR FREEDOMS. This is unconstitutional.

  143. Socialist methodology is not conducive to a prosperous nation.

  144. Costs too much for average person who may have been satisfied with original coverage

  145. More provision for those who make no effort to provide for themselves.

  146. Disaster

  147. Too expensive

  148. The federal government should not be involved in the health care industry.

  149. It cancels insurance policies for people that do not fall into certain guidelines. People should establish their own guidelines.

  150. Prices are going higher and the wage earners are supporting the non wage earners

  151. Because Obama is not good for our country

  152. #1,"Death Panels"

  153. It is unconstitutional to make people do something.

  154. Canceled policies. Administration lied. Increased premiums.

  155. It is not the gov.‘s job to take care of my business

  156. It infringes on our rights.

  157. My 47 year old sister received a cancellation letter from her individual carrier.  She will now be forced to buy maternity care and pediatric dental care, even though she has no children nor plans to have children.  I changed policies this year after receiving a 38% increase in premium, even though I had not filed any claims.

  158. Being taxed

  159. I think it is unconstitutional to fine us for not buying a Insurance. I also think we are financially in a crisis in our country and spending more money so everyone is cover is financially irresponsible.

  160. Healthcare for my husband under my employer insurance is not affordable for my family's budget. If my husband is required to have health insurance or take a penalty this will be a huge financial burden on my family. There are also still way too many unanswered questions and confusion.

  161. Lack of choices

  162. I don't stand with things that are in obamacare. So many people have lost their coverage because of obamacare. Part time workers can no longer get over 30 hours because of obamacare. Lots of full time workers have been cut down to part time because of obamacare. all in all obamacare is 1 of the worse things to happen to this country.

  163. Higher premiums and deductibles. Forced to buy insurance I can't afford or need. I'm menopausal I definitely do not need maternity care.

  164. The unemployed get it free, the rich have their own private insurance, but the middle class will have to pay, whether it is wanted or not. So we will end up with 2 classes of people the poor and lazy and dependent, and the rich. Middle class will be nonexistent. This is not affordable healthcare. I have seen the rates, and deductibles. Obamacare should be an option not mandatory!

  165. Government control

  166. Costs too much. Too much government control.

  167. This has driven my deductible to a higher price that I cannot afford to pay. Taxpayers are paying for the individuals that do not have health insurance. If they don't have insurance now and cannot afford insurance what makes Obama think that hitting them with a tax penalty will change this? These individuals will owe these taxes and it will not be paid back accordingly

  168. Bleeds the middle class who don't live off the government WHY ?????!?

  169. For me my insurance went from 637 a month to 1168 per month with higher deductibles and LESS benefits. I think the middle class is getting hit really hard and they are going to give up and join the rest who get it for free. Personally for me this is like having two house payments and I can't afford it. I really don't know what we are going to do. I could go on and on!

  170. Too high

  171. Too costly for most to afford!

  172. It is not the federal government's place to dictate financial priorities for citizens.

  173. Reduced doctors, increased prices for unnecessary coverage, increased rates for those of us in the middle class.

  174. Cost

  175. I, along with everyone else who has earned what they have, will end up paying for those that haven't in addition to paying for our own insurance.

  176. Rising premiums and deductibles.

  177. Raised rates lowered benefits higher out of pocket expense a train wreck and waste of taxpayer dollars

  178. The country should get its financial house in order before it tackles healthcare. Healthcare should be left to the experts. The government should help those who help themselves. We should be a hard working prosperous nation, not an entitled nation.

  179. It's not a good program cause it destroys the name of the American people

  180. The country can't afford to pay for everyone's health insurance & the people who pay for their own will go up.

  181. The Government is not competent or experienced enough to run a Health Plan.  As usual with the programs run by the Government, there will be massive waste of money and resources. Also, the opportunity for corruption is high due to their inexperience.

  182. Government should not be involved

  183. How egotistical to think the government  knows what’s best for the working man, yet have a different plan for themselves. This looks to me like class division. The ruling class and the serfs.

  184. Insurance costs are skyrocketing because of obamacare and families are already struggling in this economy.

  185. People losing their benefits

  186. I believe that the government is screwing the American people.  If we have to use this insurance why don't the government?

  187. Self-employed family members could lose their livelihood as a result.

  188. Government control is all it is

  189. I don't want the government involved in it, this has proven to be a train wreak, the American people have been lied to & it's wrong to be penalized if we don't buy something that we don't want.

  190. It's a step towards single payer.

  191. I see too many people who take advantage of gov't benefits and the people in my category suffer. Fresh out of college, single, employed, insured. I get taxed to the extreme because I choose to be a responsible adult. While able body adults sit and receive gov't assistance. It is more common than the "numbers" portray.

  192. It is destroying individualism and redistributing wealth.

  193. It is a step towards communism, and there should be absolutely no law that exempt politicians!

  194. Prices for plans are really high

  195. No one should be forced.

  196. Its socialized medicine and it is unconstitutional it is driving costs up and I simply cannot afford it. Socialism gives way to communism; this is exactly how Hitler started.

  197. Why should we pay for others to have something they haven't earned

  198. Too expensive

  199. It is not affordable for lower class people! The least expensive plan I've fiend is 250.00 a month! We can't afford that!!!!

  200. My part-time hours were cut by my employer, a state university, to ensure they wouldn't be liable for not offering coverage.  Fortunately, my coverage is through my husband's employer, as my employer has never offered full benefits to part-time employees.  Obamacare's mandate that employers offer coverage to employees of 30 hours or more as adversely affected my income as well as that of my part-time colleagues.

  201. Will not work.

  202. The people who made AHA law do not even want it.

  203. It won't work and people will be hurt by it because of the high prices, lack of doctors

  204. Too expensive for people who do not qualify for Medicaid, yet cannot afford, or obtain, health insurance from their employer(s).

  205. It’s based on lies that this will improve our healthcare issues.  It will devastate our healthcare system and REMOVE care from those that need it.  Even the government can’t figure out this nightmare.  Obama is the only one and government officials who will be covered.  The rest of this nation will suffer

  206. Forcing people into something and then taxing them when they do not comply is not the way to go.

  207. He government is illegally forcing its people to purchase something. I have health insurance now because I choose to, but I also have chosen to not have it in the past. It is reprehensible that this choice is being taken from us. We live in America!

  208. No real choices based on needs and income.

  209. Exorbitant waste of taxpayer dollars for something Americans don't want shoved down their throat.

  210. It is too generalized, needs to be fine-tuned. Also if it is so grand, why can't Obama himself use it?

  211. It is giving the federal government control of something that should be in the private business sector. It will cause the economy to crumble and insurance rates for middle class to be completely unaffordable.

  212. Cause I think should of left it like it was and it is stupid

  213. The business requirements to support Obamacare will ultimately cost a lot of money to support and ultimately may split where a employee gets benefits - do I go to the exchange, or stay with my employer. What happens when the employer decides not to have health insurance anymore - but they carry other employee supported benefits, then you add another lay of complexity for the employee to get their insurance needs met.

  214. Government trying to run healthcare system will be disastrous

  215. Unfair and unconstitutional

  216. There are too many getting something for nothing and the working class cannot continue to fund it all!

  217. I work in healthcare and we are already feeling the pinch and layoffs because the hospital is preparing for what is to come. And it will be nothing good for us working people.

  218. It's not going to work and is destroying our freedoms. Mathematically cannot succeed.

  219. It has hurt many who can no longer afford health insurance.  There are not enough Doctors to take care of the population now without adding millions more patients.

  220. Less coverage, less coverage higher prices.   Government has no business messing with my healthcare choices.

  221. It's expensive and destined to fail, it's cheaper to be fined and pay medical expenses out of pocket than to get it

  222. Economically unsustainable

  223. Increased premiums for my family for same coverage.

  224. The government should not have relied on young people to buy into a program that they do not need and will not see the benefit in for years to come. They are not as stupid and uneducated about this as the government thinks they are or should be.

  225. It stinks. You give anyone the right to tell me what I can and can't do.

  226. As a nurse told me, it's the fall of America and I couldn't agree more.  It's shoved down our throat and we didn't ask for it.  It's about only him and his legacy; NOT American people.

  227. Too much government in our lives. Each state should govern their own group of people.  Keep the government out

  228. The mess it creates on multiple levels: strictly medical, strictly financial and emotional levels.

  229. It is unfair to hard working middle class who will foot the bill.

  230. I do not want to pay for healthcare for those who do not work.

  231. The government has no business in my healthcare. This is socialism.

  232. Cost and government involvement in personal medical care.

  233. People are losing coverage and/or having to pay more for the same or less coverage.  The plan was poor thought out and far too complex.

  234. People cannot afford it.

  235. The government has proven they cannot manage anything better than the private sector.  I want them out of my business.  AND if it's not a good enough program for the government and congress to be in the plan then they should NEVER mandate this to their constituents.

  236. Everyone I know affected by Obamacare will pay significantly more for worse policies (60 year olds requiring maternity insurance?!?) and broken promise of people losing insurance they want to keep.

  237. IT IS BEING FORCED ON US. Costs prevent us from having our own policy forcing us to go to Obamacare.  NO one has even read what the pages of the OBAMACARE Act say.

  238. Everyone should have access to health care but no one should be penalized or have their freedom of choice taken away. This is not a tax situation it is a life or death situation and Obamacare was rammed through the process into law without carefully architecting a sustainable business model that was fair for everyone affected. The government’s own budget is overextended because they cannot manage the billions they collect from the American people. What right to they have to overcharge the general population, WHILE EXCLUDING THEMSELVES, to provide an option that fails to provide affordable comprehensive care to anyone. What guarantee or recourse do/will the American people have when it fails? None. The money will be gone and the real problems won’t be solved.

  239. It's not helping our economic risks its adding to it

  240. Socialized healthcare & re-distribution do not belong in my country!

  241. It isn't insurance and it takes away my choice.

  242. Because cant afford it right now

  243. It is raising the cost of medical for everyone

  244. Because he only thinking about what is good for his family not a anyone else.

  245. I am furious at the unconstitutional evil obamacare that's being forced down Americans throats like the poisonous Jim Jone’s koolaid!

  246. Too costly

  247. I don't want government forcing me to take something I don't want.

  248. Other countries that have universal coverage have poor health care for their people we are ok the way we were.  This change in our heathcare will require major shifts in all areas involved in health care...few if any are ready to be seamless...that needs to be established first.

  249. Too much of an expense for the country.

  250. The affordable care act is NOT affordable! At all!!!

  251. Read Atlas Shrugged.

  252. Your premium is based on income so the higher your income the higher your premium. Why do I have to carry maternity when I can no longer have children?

  253. It will destroy this country

  254. Government has no business in health care. Follow the constitution.

  255. It decreases choices, increases bureaucracy, punishes the healthy and the hard-working, and does not address root causes of high prices.

  256. It will put even more burden on the middle class and working families already to breaking point. Most doctors don't take Medicaid because they can't get paid. That part of system is already in bad shape, and yet the same government that runs Medicaid will be in charge of ACA

  257. It will destroy the healthcare system.

  258. I don't like the fact that people are getting their health insurance cancelled or have to pay much higher premiums

  259. Unconstitutional, people losing insurance, prices are increasing, based on a lie, it's a handout from those working

  260. Penalizing people for not being able to afford healthcare is unethical. If it was so affordable that people would've already have insurance. Obamacare is affecting this country in a horrible way and things are starting to just get worse.

  261. The cost to our broke government, taxpayers can't afford it.

  262. It's bankrupting are country and it's socialist!! Not American

  263. My insurance is fine just the way it is he should leave it alone.

  264. Too much government control in our lives

  265. People can't afford it. Nobody has jobs.

  266. It forces the people in to something that shouldn't be forced & it is against the law b/c of the 28th Amendment since congress isn't doing it as well.

  267. Healthcare is NOT the purview of the government.

  268. Government has no business being involved in healthcare and it seems unconstitutional to penalize Americans for not purchasing a product.

  269. Don’t trust the government to do right by the people of this country.

  270. Too much gov't control over private decisions

  271. Friends losing coverage and having to get a more expensive policy with higher deductibles

  272. It will financially break the country, cause a doctor shortage, and just continue to support the already "entitled" people that don't rightfully deserve my hard earned money.

  273. Cost is to high for so many

  274. Everything about it. No choice, more cost, less access, and government sticking its nose in my private health issues.

  275. May lose my secondary insurance and do not want government controlled insurance. I'm high risk so would probably have to go that route. Already have to pay extra to keep my GP who went concierge.

  276. Stop government take over!!!!

  277. Costs for the middle class and unnecessary government control in my life.

  278. Any take over by the gov. is a bad thing. We are losing our freedoms one at a time. That's the worst thing this country faces.  We run households and businesses why would  we need some one to control the health care needs of our family. Concentrate on something constructive like jobs, education and getting folks to paying for their own needs.

  279. It's a financial disaster...¡¡¡¡¡

  280. Loss of personal freedom

  281. Having experienced this type of insurance before I have seen how infer it is.

  282. I don't want the government deciding my health issues nor do I believe any of this is constitutional.

  283. It's a wonderful idea in concept but not ready yet for application.  Even he said that.

  284. Tripled my insurance premiums

  285. It was a poorly thought out plan with good intentions. But it's causing too many problems to be continued. People I know personally are losing jobs, losing insurance, and/or being fined. Only one person I know out of hundreds will actually benefit... if he can even get signed up.

  286. More people paying for higher premiums

  287. It’s going to bankrupt us. It's made my insurance costs go up. I now have a deductible and a coinsurance. Obama is not qualified for his job.

  288. Can’t afford the high cost after looking what I would have to pay if dropped from work insurance

  289. People living paycheck-to-paycheck can't afford another deduction. I can't even afford to use the insurance I've got.

  290. Can't trust the government to run anything.

    1) Violates the law 2) It doesn't apply to the president and congress. 3) It has RAISED the cost of insurance rates and medical fees. 4) Another ploy to have as many citizens reliant on the government for their lives.

  291. Fix our current system... DMV style healthcare will cover more ppl.. But the care will be awful.  Already seeing our choices being taken away.

  292. Higher costs for younger population, cancellation of good policies, UNEDUCATED consumers.

  293. It inherently punishes people who have high healthcare costs, it limits flex accounts, which I used to pay for my kids medical foods, which are very expensive. They have PKU, both of them, and this "affordable" care act is really sticking it to us.

  294. It will cost our country too much money that we do not have!! And I don't want to become a socialistic country. I like being a free country.

  295. Doesn’t help the people who have no chance 4 a job and they are having trouble getting state help

  296. It is not making health care affordable. Just making us purchase an insurance policy, which I cannot afford. Which is why I have no health insurance now. Why punish me with more financial burden....

  297. My policy cost is going way up and my coverage is going down with more expensive copays and deductibles.

  298. It's forced upon people

  299. The cost and increased debt of the nation/increase in big government.

  300. A joke

  301. U can't afford insurance that ur forced to buy but can't and get fined because u cant

  302. Does not benefit me, only others that get everything free anyway.

  303. People can't afford it. It does not offer any better coverage. It will and has cost jobs. It is a tax. I don't care what u want to call it. Obama and congress and everyone in the govt should also have it and pay into it if they believe it is so great. Lead by example!  Who's going to pay for all the illegals? They sure aren't. The govt can't manage itself or balance a budget. I don't trust them to be in charge of my healthcare choices.

  304. It's just a way to redistribute wealth. It was all based on lies.

  305. It has already negatively has effected people I know but has helped nobody I know. To many cancellations!

  306. It is a lie!

  307. 100's of fellow co-workers have lost their jobs due to the cut payments to hospitals. Still more are going to lose their jobs. We don't get a raise nor do we get a share the vision bonus but I am thankful I still have my job. My health ins premium has gone up slightly. People's health insurance policies are getting cancelled. They are being forced to pay for coverage they don't need. What's next?  What else is the govt going to tell us we have to buy? Like auto ins? That works out well doesn't it? An uninsured driver hit us so our insurance had to pay. The healthcare act needs to be repealed & something smarter needs to happen. People's hours are getting cut & jobs eliminated. We have to do more with less.

  308. Too much government involvement and too high cost

  309. Insurance premium more than doubled and deductible 3 fold. I will work just to pay.

  310. I want to choose where I go for treatment

  311. The cost to the tax payer, the coverage mandated such as prenatal care, maternity care, pediatric care, substance abuse care. I have had my children, raised them and paid everything for them without any help...I should not have to pay for this coverage since I don't need it. Is the ACA helping some? Yes but at what cost?

  312. People who are barely making it will not be able to afford and with fines for not having. People will suffer more.

  313. Increased cost for the working and healthy. We can’t afford it!!  Premium increase of $300/mo and deductible increase of $3000/yr!!!!

  314. It is about control not healthcare.

  315. Way too costly and forces me to pay for coverage I do not want or need.  Deductibles are ridiculously too high for most families.

  316. 1) No, because we have been doing fine without- Obamacare. 2) Gov is not working for U.S.  Citizens, instead wants to push us into bad health issues.

  317. Socialism has begun with government take over of our healthcare.

  318. Price increases. My group policy has already increased. I do not believe the govt will get the younger people to sign up. It will be much cheaper to pay a fine then pay for insurance.

  319. Gov has no business running healthcare

  320. No choice in picking your insurance. Government does not know what is good for me. Want my own doctors

  321. It is socialistic and in the end it will end up costing people a lot more money with people getting less benefits

  322. Freedom of choice

  323. More money for all

  324. Government can't process it. It will ruin entire health care system. Not fair to tax workers to pay for those who don't work

  325. He is stealing part of my health care to give to others.

  326. Obamacare is about control and not about taking care of people. It has cost tax paying Americans a fortune and it is an utter failure. Government intervention at its best.

  327. It's destroying our health care

  328. If you have good coverage why not keep it. People should learn to take care of their own expenses not expect a govt handout paid for by a hard working American.

  329. Perception that people have is it's affordable.  You get wellness coverage.  That's it.  There are still deductibles and out of pocket.  They both have skyrocketed since this law passed.  Bad for everyone.

  330. I don't think the gov. has the right to push on us this travesty. People can't afford this crap and the gov. has no right to tell us what kind of ins. we can have

  331. Messed up existing coverages. Costs millions to have it implemented but still not good. What a waste of taxpayers' dollars !

  332. Do not believe govt can manage something of this magnitude well.

  333. I worked for a health insurance company and my job went away because of changes to healthcare laws impact on health insurance member numbers which is largely impacted by obamacare and unemployment...I also lost my health coverage when I became unemployed and I could not afford to buy cobra coverage

  334. Hurts and intrusive for everyone to help a very few.

  335. I am afraid my Insurance will go up. Don't feel I should have to pay for anyone else's. I am on a fixed income. Scares me.

  336. Affordable health care is a good idea but this is the wrong way to go about it.

  337. Giving government too much control over our privacy and choices.

  338. Too much government control and spending.

  339. It will not work and all will have inferior insurance at higher costs

  340. The country is severely in debt. We are adding to this deficit, it is a poor time to introduce such an incredibly expensive law.

  341. Too much government control on our lives

  342. Cost. Who pays my policy already states my rates were raised to cover the aca

  343. I don't feel it's right to impose a tax/penalty if a person doesn't buy insurance. The only people that will benefit are those that have pre existing conditions. For this to work young healthy people need to sign up. I for one would not sign up for insurance because the tax/penalty will be cheaper than buying insurance. The deductibles are so high that you can't afford to go to the doctor and pay the high monthly bills. This is the last step to totally destroy the middle class.

  344. The govt should not be in charge of healthcare.

  345. Stupid

  346. Creating more problems than it solves.... Already evidenced

  347. I am funding it. Insurance is not an entitlement

  348. People will loose full time jobs.

  349. Lack of personal choice

  350. Insurance going up to where I cant afford my dr visits or medication. Premiums too high to afford dr

  351. One size fits all approach, too expensive, ties doctor's hands.

  352. Increases the cost of living exponentially for working taxpayers.

  353. Health insurance is individual not mandated and not govt sponsored.

  354. Having to pay for what I don't need or will ever use and paying for others to have it when I have family that can't get it and paying more for what they have.

  355. Too costly and governmentalized

  356. Paying over $200.00 a month for health insurance is not an option for my family! That amount only covers my spouse and myself. My children have a state children's plan. I can't see affordable when the plan was a 60/40! Insane and a deductible of 5000. Even having the insurance I still couldn't afford the cost of going to he doctor or hospital!

  357. Middle Class will suffer

  358. My parent’s coverage got canceled. My mother at age 47 does not need maternity coverage. The benefit of the new law does not benefit them and will make them spend more for a policy and benefits they don't need.

  359. People need to take responsibility for themselves.  The government is not a business; cannot and should not run a business.

  360. Does not address the real problems.  All political.

  361. People can't afford the increases in rates.

  362. Too many to list

  363. Tired of supporting lazy individuals

  364. More burden on the middle class

  365. Too expensive and NOT affordable or better care.

  366. My deductible double, my son's quadrupled.

  367. Obamacare is a failure, nothing good about it

  368. Disaster. This will tank the economy further.  My monthly prescription just went from 26 dollars to 77. Lol. More surprises to follow. Absolute disgrace.

  369. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, acorn, post office = All fails.  Why add another?

  370. Our insurance has gone from $400.00 a month to $1,200 a month.... That's triple what it used to be... Our president is ruining our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Middle class is going to have to foot this bill and by that we will have to pay more for our coverage to help cover other people and we will all have large deductibles. I work hard and have to do an extra job for extra things. I am probably going to have to work until 75 so I can keep health insurance

  372. Common sense was  not used

  373. Too expensive for no additional value.

  374. Not everyone can afford insurance and should not be made to or get fined

  375. If it isn't good enough for the president and the cabinet to partake in, I want nothing to do with it

  376. Government should not make my decisions

  377. I think that insurance purchase could have been required but without the federal mandates that made everyone's cost so high.

  378. You can't insure the whole usa.  If I want insurance I will purchase it on my own.  I refuse to go through obama care.  This is killing Americans.

  379. Not affordable, no choice, rammed down America’s throat

  380. Cost me more, less benefits. Raises insurance premiums, when they were too high to begin with! It's ludicrous!

  381. Complete oversight of a realistic and long term goal that is sustainable.

  382. The ones who will benefit are all the illegals.

  383. Obamacare is not health care. It is a huge tax, devised to erode the middle class even further and help grow the centralized government Obama wants to achieve.  The IRS will have unbelievable power to ruin people's lives in any number of ways under this law and very few of the uninsured will actually sign up.

  384. It is costing everyone more for less and will hurt the economy even more because people will have less to spend. More people will need help with healthcare due to the high cost.

  385. It is not the federal govt role and is just an attempt to take control over a major portion of the U. S. economy.

  386. The people pushing it had to lie to get it passed, tells me it is crap & created a tax for simply being born.

  387. My coverage has been cost has increased over 150%

  388. It nullified great health care plans for many of my friends and family and is forcing them to pay more than double the original premium for far less benefits.

  389. It is trying to put all insurance companies out of business so they have to enroll in Obamacare.  My premiums and out of pocket expense went up 50%.  No one knows what is in the Obamacare paperwork.