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Reasons Why Women Think Obamacare is Good for the Country

  1. My preference for the country is to implement a single payer system. However I do feel Obamacare is a step in the right direction. My father was diagnosed with cancer and died 90 short days later. His cancer was detected at a routine wellness visit that he only agreed to go to because thanks to the AHCA, there was no copay or cost for that visit. We may have discovered the cancer too late but we were able to try every treatment available to save him without reaching a limit on the lifetime benefits or without him being kicked off his policy because he was sick.

  2. There's plenty if people in this country that will benefit from this health care not just myself and some friends or family. We are the most powerful country in the world and we go in and take care of so many others in other countries yet we neglect the people that need our help right here at home. It's about time that we did something that will truly help Americans and not just help the rich get richer.

  3. Many new benefits and improvements.

  4. I work in healthcare and the universal coverage, lack of pre-existing conditions exclusions, and improved availability of coverage for young adults (under 26) not yet working is a big benefit

  5. Not being charged extra for being female. Not being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. And no lifetime caps.

  6. Individuals with preexisting conditions can get coverage

  7. Too many people without healthcare. Overtime it will bring healthcare cost down.

  8. Grew up in Canada so I know what a difference it makes to quality of life and less stress to have health coverage.

  9. Healthcare shouldn't be a privilege.

  10. I haves worked in public education for the last 22 years and have seen many uninsured children.  This affects access to mental healthcare among other things.

  11. Politics continues to overshadow the overall benefit of the Affordable Care Act.  Chances are, once Pres. Obama is no longer in office, we will all see the true benefits of this plan.  As long as it's Pres. Obama who introduced and proposed it, it will be victimized simply because he proposed it.

  12. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get health insurance

  13. The healthcare system has been broken for a very long time and needs to be addressed.  This is a good beginning.

  14. Affordable policies should be available for people who can't obtain it through their employers!  Insurance companies need to be paying for ACTUAL CARE and not CEO bonuses, nor should they drop coverage due to pre-existing conditions!  The ACA may have some kinks to work out in its infancy, but it's a start and it's overall a GOOD THING.

  15. Medical bills number 1 reason for bankruptcy in US. Uninsured need preventive medicine not currently received.

  16. Health care costs have been out of control for years and yet the quality of care ranks low compared to other industrialized nations and that is simply unacceptable!

  17. More people will have access to preventative care in a doctor's office, rather than acute care in an ER.

  18. Gives more people health insurance..assuming they don't live in one of the states who worked against it and made those of us who can't afford paying for health insurance, don't have insurance through work, makes too much for Medicaid but too little to afford your won

  19. $$$$$

  20. People will finally be able to obtain coverage outside of employment.  For people such as myself with pre-existing conditions, my only option for retiring at the planned age of 60 and keeping health coverage would have been to move to another country, such as Ecuador, that allows US expatriates to join their national health program.  I want to stay in US when I retire and am very grateful for the health law.

  21. Everyone needs to have health coverage

  22. It prevents health insurers from charging patients higher premium because they are women or have pre-existing conditions, which is a basic matter of fairness.

  23. It is unconscionable that the US, which prides itself on being THE BEST IN THE WORLD does not provide a means for EVERYONE to have adequate health coverage.  Although I have insurance thru my employer, now, I worked for decades (in white collar jobs, but small companies) without ANY medical insurance.  My husband who is self-employed would not be able to afford insurance himself...I cover him.

  24. Healthcare for those who can't afford it.

  25. Obamacare decreases health disparities in insurance--it provides fair access to good healthcare for people with disadvantages.

  26. No more preexisting conditions

  27. Health care should be a right not a privilege. Everyone should have equal access.

  28. If you ever been with out healthcare, and received the bill for going to the ER, then you would understand that everyone should be entitled to health insurance. The health insurance industry has made hand over fist, if everyone has health insurance it drives down the cost.

  29. Universal health care should be the goal.  Access to healthcare should be a right not a privilege in our country.

  30. Pre-existing medical conditions no longer a barrier to affordable coverage

  31. The insurance companies could cancel anyone who made a claim. They can't anymore

  32. Too many uninsured people.  Also, my heart does NOT bleed for the poor small business.  Health care should be required for companies.

  33. A country as wealthy has the US has to have broader and more affordable insurance opportunities for its population.

  34. Because every one deserves health care.

  35. Healthcare is not a commodity

  36. Pre existing conditions

  37. All people need health insurance. Saves us all money in the long run.

  38. More affordable health care

  39. It offers people with pre-existing conditions an opportunity to obtain health coverage

  40. So everyone has insurance

  41. Medical expenses are out of control and insurance seems to be the only way to keep costs reasonable

  42. I believe that everyone should have access to good affordable healthcare.

  43. All the people of this country deserve the chance of attaining good health.

  44. I am in the healthcare field.  Everyone should have health insurance.  There is too much abuse of the Government insurance, BadgerCare.

  45. I believe everyone one should be given equal opportunity to healthcare wealthy or poor

  46. It provides an opportunity for those that do not have the financial means to obtain private health insurance. The more insured people there are, the lower everyone's insurance rates will be.

  47. Because everyone deserves to have access to healthcare regardless of income.

  48. Getting sick should not cause people to go broke.

  49. When I was working and had no healthcare I always wished for health care to be available and affordable.  When I got sick I had to quit my job so I could get Medicaid to cover my necessary surgery.  I didn't have an option and I don't want others in my position I feel like a sleeze bag

  50. I was without health insurance for a period because I have a preexisting condition. I believe health insurance is a human right everyone deserves.

  51. I lost my insurance this year because my unemployment ran out.  I couldn't afford the cobra insurance any longer.  This is the first time in my sixty years without insurance.  I need obamacare.

  52. Women and children with pre-existing conditions will be covered. May the Good Lord bless Obama. And Obamacare.

  53. Americans will have insurance access and potentially cut down costs for treating uninsured folks.

  54. No denial for pre-existing conditions

  55. People can't be denied or turned away.

  56. My daughter has insurance while she is at school and she is 23

  57. Affordable premiums for most ppl and most ppl having coverage.

  58. Healthcare should not only be for the privileged, it is a right for all

  59. Why many people do not care about health insurance there are many more needing and wanting healthcare coverage they should be able to get it and also be able to afford it as well

  60. So all people will have coverage

  61. Affordable Healthcare is a GOOD thing

  62. Because I think a lot of people can't afford insurance at the way rates are currently climbing and something needs to be done about it.

  63. No lifetime limits, coverage for preexisting conditions, mental health treated like any other medical issue. Many good reasons.

  64. It's good for all of us!

  65. Young adults struggle to get coverage

  66. Everyone needs to have proper ins

  67. We need a jumping off point for healthcare reform - nothing ever starts as perfect. I think this is a good place to start and move forward. Plus I was denied coverage for a completely unreasonable "criteria".

  68. My adult son is a childhood cancer survivor. It literally tore me apart to watch parents forced to watch their children die simply because the insurance companies dropped the whole family when the child got sick, but no one was screaming for them. It was only children dying, not an attempt to help people stay well. Excuse me if making sure people get access to Wellness care matters to an uncaring hateful atheist like me. Condemnation and lack of compassion seems to be claimed be the Christians anymore..........

  69. Ever American should have access to affordable health care.

  70. Coverage to family members and friends that have not been able to have health care in over 20 years.

  71. Because it forces people who can effort insurance to buy it and stop using the rest of us to pay for their medical bills

  72. Expanded coverage. But NOT happy about it being tied to insurance companies.  Should have had a govt option.  Way too much money wasted on administration

  73. I think everyone deserves health care

  74. We all have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No one should have to die because they can't afford insurance.

  75. We are going to have a health insurance affordable.

  76. All people deserve to have adequate health insurance and should be free of exclusion due to medical conditions.

  77. For people who do not have an opportunity for healthcare

  78. I believe every American should have health care.

  79. This country is behind the times in public health coverage.  It is embarrassing that we don't support our own citizens which on return would bring the cost of health care down

  80. Accessibility and fairness

  81. We pay the highest taxes in the world and get no healthcare for our citizens.  It is a disgrace.  Quit naming it Obamacare.  It is the Affordable Care Act and it is the Americancare if you need to name it anything.  It was voted in by this country's citizens!

  82. Having to buy individual policy, we have had our insurance change 4 times in 5 years because insurance companies cancelled our policy or move out of state.  Last time it took us many hours over 3 months to find insurance and my husband and I could not even be with the same insurance company even though we are both relatively healthy.  We had riders attached to our insurance and had to pay extra for our daughter’s asthma.  It has been a nightmare.  On our Obamacare website. We found many options, all considerably cheaper than our present policies, and with better coverage. Thank you Obamacare.

  83. Every Citizen deserves to have health care.  Your financial status should not prevent you from having basic health care.  Especially Christians should care about their neighbors.

  84. Pre-existing condition waiver; affordability; and smaller deductible.

  85. Assist the less fortunate in receiving healthcare

  86. I believe everyone should have affordable healthcare. It helps all of us.

  87. There are too many of us that do not have affordable care. Many small businesses are unable to financially provide good coverage as a benefit.

  88. It is a step in the right direction. I have two adult uninsured children who would benefit. Shame on Georgia for refusing to support the effort!!

  89. In general, people will see healthcare providers in time to receive treatment for their maladies, not after it is too late!

  90. I believe everyone is entitled to affordable health care!

  91. Benefits for my 23 year old daughter on my emp sponsored plan until she is 26.

  92. No one, even healthy people, will get denied coverage

  93. Everyone deserves to be able to go to the doctor

  94. Creates fair health insurance....

  95. Too many uninsured in this great country!  We can do better!  I'm a huge proponent!

  96. It gives insurance to more people

  97. Our young people need health insurance.   In our area 50 percent need health ins. There is medicare and etc. One accident and a young person is ruined for life. If we had jobs with covered Ins we wouldn't need Obamacare. We live in a Democracy our employers are not required to have ins.

  98. The U.S. stands almost entirely alone among developed nations that lack universal health care. It is about time we move in a direction that will bring our country up to speed with the rest of the world. Change is hard, but so are most things that are worth doing.

  99. Everyone deserves affordable access to healthcare

  100. Millions of people who don't currently have access to healthcare coverage are in a position to get that.  No matter what the glitches, the challenges, even the expenses to someone in my position, upper middle class, single, with coverage that will almost certainly get more expensive in the next year, I consider it a win, and absolutely worth it.  I'm happy to pay more, if it gets others more and better coverage.

  101. Equal access to good quality healthcare will make our nation a better place to live for everyone.

  102. The man knows what he is doing.

  103. There are too many uninsured Americans.\

  104. Strong supporter of health care reform--We need this as a country--Status quo doesn't fly!

  105. No more pre existing

  106. We must do something to control the rising costs for medical care and we need to ensure access for all Americans to medical care.  This is the legislation that past congress and we should give it a chance to work.

  107. I think we should have universal coverage. This is a step forward

  108. Every person deserves access to affordable healthcare. It isn't an economic issue, it's a Human rights issue

  109. SOMETHING had to be done. Medical costs are ruining many families future through cost and/or bankruptcy.

  110. Pre-existing illness

  111. Everyone should have health insurance if an emergency coned up it's too expensive to pay the bill health insurance would be cheaper and people would have regular check ups and better health overall.

  112. Concern for uninsured!

  113. Everyone has to have decent insurance to help curb the cost of medical care

  114. Because the inflated prices and immoral practices of current insurance companies need to be regulated, and every one deserves to be able to get insurance. As a 24 year old in fairly good health last year I applied for insurance and was denied on the basis of my weight and a medical issue from several years ago with no impact on my current health--there was an asterisk at the bottom that said they could find other reasons to deny me as well if those reasons were no longer an issue.

  115. The U.S. has been trying to get national health care for years. Other countries have it, so why not us? I don't understand all this commotion over ObamaCare.

  116. Everyone should share in the costs of healthcare.

  117. Everyone will be participating instead of just taxpayers.


  119. Because I see value in all people.

  120. Everyone will have health coverage.

  121. It's long overdue. Medical insurance companies have had the upper hand too long. And, the medical community needs to be reigned in too.

  122. At least a person can get medical with Obamacare.

  123. Everyone should have affordable health care

  124. Those people who could not get insurance coverage before will now be able to.

  125. Everybody insured

  126. We need something for health care is real bad now to many sick people in the USA

  127. People who can't afford healthcare will now be able to get some decent semblance of coverage and people with pre-existing conditions can now get treatment.

  128. The first step towards universal, basic healthcare for everyone in this (rich) country.

  129. It’s a change. I work in health care and something has to change. We need universal health care, just not sure if ACA is the answer!

  130. As cancer survivor, believe all Americans, including those with medical issues deserve access to health insurance.

  131. We all need health care and help

  132. I can finally get health insurance! I had too many "pre-existing conditions" to qualify for it previously.

  133. Expansion of basic health care benefits

  134. Inclusive and lower costs

  135. Increasing cost to middle class Americans to support the exchanges

  136. I'm old and need help.

  137. Because insurance co, on their own have had too much power, are all about profit instead of care unless of course it involves more money and the kickbacks possible from it to those already having too much money/power

  138. Focus on preventative care and guaranteeing coverage despite pre-existing conditions means a healthier populace.

  139. Covering pre existing conditions

  140. I had no health insurance. Under obamacare I will have health insurance.

  141. This is the first step in a much needed and long overdue reform to health care, which will allow many uninsured or underinsured people to have health coverage. insurance

  142. Access to medical care for all Americans.

  143. it's human rights to have coverage!

  144. I think it will take some time but I think it is a good thing because what we have is not working and I have family and myself have pre existing conditions.

  145. All Americans should have access to covered healthcare.  All citizens pay the financial and social price for those citizens who do not have health insurance.

  146. Guaranteed health care is both humane and economically important to rein in costs.

  147. Covers pre-existing conditions for children

  148. Too many uninsured. Health care is a right and a matter of life and death to those without access to the healthcare system. We all pay the price both financially and morally.

  149. I think more people will have health insurance

  150. No pre-existing clauses. Most people will have access to healthcare. Single payer would be much better, though.

  151. We need a rational plan that covers all of us and addresses the wacky insurance reimbursement scene which rewards the number of procedures not prevention and quality of care given

  152. I'm in a union sometimes I'm not covered because my insurance runs out!!!  I hope that obamacare will change this!!  If I'm not working I can't afford Insurance!!  I need insurance everyday not just some days and for the Insurance I have HAP doesn't cover craaaap!!!!

  153. I have confidence in President Obama.

  154. It will help the uninsured to have coverage. Plus for many it will save them money.

  155. Coverage for pre-existing conditions (daughter with Muscular Dystrophy).

  156. Everyone deserves affordable health care. It is shameful that the US is the only civilized country that doesn't guarantee it's citizens the most basic care.

  157. More people will be able to get coverage.

  158. More People will have access to affordable health care.  Emergency rooms will be freed up more to deal with emergencies than having to deal with citizens using ER because they do not have insurance.  Those are just a couple of the many reasons.

  159. Everyone needs ins

  160. Giving one a chance to get affordable health care that they did not have

  161. Affordable health care

  162. It means coverage  for all the ones that could never afford it

  163. The right wing says this is socialism. They are wrong. This is about providing Heath care for those who don't have it. It is about life and the pursuit of happiness. Congress has the best insurance in the world. Why do the citizens of this country deserve any less.

  164. Everyone benefits from a healthy community

  165. Because is very important

  166. We have to start somewhere.  It's not perfect, but it's going to provide a lot of benefits long overdue.  Everyone should have access to healthcare whether or not they have a pre-existing condition.

  167. Access to healthcare for those that have been declined in the past.

  168. i think every person is entitled to healthcare..I think obamacare will need to be modified to really work

  169. While I do not have family members that will directly benefit at this point I do have a number of friends and acquaintances that will directly benefit, and I foresee myself benefiting in the future.  Access to affordable healthcare is a problem that has plagued our nation for years but not other 1st world nations with some sort of nationalized healthcare.  The inability of someone to pay for healthcare does not mean they do not deserve it and by making it affordable (not free as many people think Obamacare does) it will help our citizens, provide opportunities to educate and the provision of preventative healthcare will hopefully decrease the overall expense of reactive healthcare currently required

  170. Everyone needs healthcare. i hope one day that the industry will get it together and offer better results at reasonable prices.

  171. Insurance for people with pre existing conditions

  172. I work in the healthcare industry and have personally dealt with far too many people who were dropped by their insurance companies due to medical conditions.  I feel more comfortable with my current insurance knowing there are policies in place to prevent this from happening to me.

  173. Everyone should be entitled to medical care and not be dependent on where/if you work. Everyone should also financially contribute to the plan.

  174. I have a friend with colon cancer who doesn't have a job that offers affordable health insurance and doesn't make enough money to buy an individual plan due to his "pre-existing condition". He's young and lives a healthy lifestyle. He's been waiting for Obamacare so he can get his long overdue yearly check up to make sure the cancer is still in remission, or something along those lines. I think him having access to preventative-type care will save money in the long run, not to mention his life.

  175. I believe everyone is entitled to health care, although those who can't afford it should not be forced to be covered

  176. Protection for pre existing conditions and mental health treatment

  177. The health insurance system had been a mess. A change is needed.

  178. Although it may not be the perfect answer, it is a step in the right direction and something that needs to be open for discussion.  The kinks need to be worked out as we go along and that could be painful but we cannot continue along the path we have been on with health care in this country.

  179. Increased and improved access to affordable health insurance.

  180. Everyone needs insurance.  But the most important thing is that we need reform.  Doctors and insurance companies are over medicating, ordering unneeded tests, and overall have lost the skill if making people better and upholding their oath.

  181. More people will be covered