Marriage: What is Your Definition?

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In our recent survey, “What Do Women Think About Marriage Today,” we asked women about their personal definitions of marriage. Of the hundreds of women from across America who participated in the survey, 25% said they have recently changed their personal definition of marriage. They indicated their opinions changed as their experiences changed and as they grew older.

          We asked these women to share their personal definitions of marriage and here are a few of the responses we heard among a wide variety of insightful, poignant and heartfelt replies.

          A piece of paper that symbolizes what you should be doing anyways.”

          “An ongoing partnership where the couple makes a conscious commitment to support, respect and love each other.”

          “Lifelong commitment of love and faithfulness.”


          “Spending the rest of your life with your best friend.”

          “A contract that binds you to someone legally, and now the government can now suck you dry of money if you separate or stay together either way they and every other business around you gets paid so you can declare that you love each other and want to be together.”

          “Marriage must have trust, honesty, open communication, comfort and love.”

          “A legal union between two people.”

“A deep love between two people, a close friendship that two people share that the next person wouldn't understand. Someone that is willing to expect you for you and love you for that.”

“An agreement between consenting adults to navigate this life together.”

“Not only being committed to your partner but also being committed to God in your marriage.

“Two people being one, working together as a couple not as being single.”


          “Loyalty, respect, negotiating, learning how to make important decisions with your spouse and just be there for them.”

“A commitment cemented by a piece of paper. And, of course, legal rights.”

“The legally and emotionally significant union or two people who love each other.”

“A joining of two individual lives to create a single path in which two people are working together toward the common goal of a happier path together.”


“Marriage is standing with your partner through every twist and turn. And no matter how hard things get, they can get worse, but your partner is with you no matter what happens.”