Weak or Strong? Where is Marriage Today?

Published on Topic: Marriage

In our recent SheByShe opinion poll we asked hundreds of women from across America about their thoughts regarding marriage as a U.S. institution today. Three-out-of-four women, 75%, feel that marriage is weaker than it was 10 years ago. Divorce rates were cited as the number one reason for the weakening of marriage. Lack of commitment and lack of religious foundation were also often cited.

          Many of these women shared their personal insights with SheByShe and below are their unedited thoughts (in no particular order):

          Marriage isn't a U.S. institution but a Godly one. Our country has nothing to do with a real marriage but only those that are entered into as merely a legal contract. Those types of marriages are no longer encouraged through benefits like tax breaks in the U.S. so a good chunk of the population no longer sees the value of marriage from a U.S. institution standpoint.”

          Most people divorce, they don't even stay together.  Nuclear families is our future.  Marriage holds no bar to keep a couple together.  It’s just a money machine, which should be the contrary since love should be priceless. But our materialistic society has ruined it.”

          We've reached the tipping point with greater than 50% of marriages resulting in divorce. The ‘image’ of marriage has very little to do with what people are faced with.”

          Marriage today can be defined by any two people saying vows. I believe there used to be more commitment and not something that can be so easily dissolved.”

          Especially in America, people are more self serving, and women are more independent. We do not really need men for much.”

          Marriage is looked at like buying a new pair of shoes, when you are done with them you get a new pair.”

          People nowadays are starting to live together and have children and not get married. It's no longer something that's important. I feel people are terrified of commitment.”

          The increasing divorce rates. The media trivializing marriage to a ‘party.’ The ridiculous following of trashy ‘stars’ like the Kardashians and their week long ‘marriages.’”

          Between prenups and increased divorce rates Americans see it now as a temporary commitment as opposed to 'until death'.”

          The institution of marriage is no longer sacred. People throw it away like yesterday's garbage. People get married for convenience it seems instead of an everlasting promise to work together forever.”

          I think there is too much fuss and hype and controversy now and people are less focused and the true meaning and significance of vows and more concerned with proving some sort of point.”

          There is no value to marriage. Although it is a legal contract it can be left with very few ramifications. There is no having to work through the issues anymore. It is a responsibility that is easily avoided.”

          People, in my opinion, today get married because of a child or they rush into it. Or it's something to do. And later get divorced.  I think divorce is out of the question.  If you are thinking about a divorce you stop and fix whatever was lost. You obviously loved at one point in time so try to find it again.  Talk to each other.  Love each other more and more as days go by switch things up. Don't get bored. Try new things. Divorce is not always the answer.  Stay faithful to one another.  Don't get married for wrong reasons. It’s not a popularity contest or how much you can spend.  People who make money from weddings should be ashamed of how much they charge.  I’m in the process of trying to get married and can't afford it.”