Women’s Voices: Pet Love

Published on Topic: Pets

In a recent survey, SheByShe asked women to tell us about their relationships with their pets. It may not be a surprise that 99 percent of the participating women said they consider their pet a member of the family, and 85 percent said their pet is their best friend.

We asked these women to tell us why, and here are some of their comments:

Why I love my dog…

“Their interactions with you are a constant.  More feedback from them and great companionship outside the home.  Requires a more active role from me.”

“I love that they show how happy they are to be with you.”

“I’ve always been a dog lover, they are more cuddly.”

“I have complete trust in my dogs.”

“They are playful and always need someone and have unconditional love.”

“Amazing companions that want to go out into the world with you!”

“The way they love without judgment.”

“I love how my dog is excited to see me and comforts me when I'm sick or blue.”

“Can't imagine my life without the friendship of my dog.”

“My dogs are amazing. We go camping, hiking, fishing, you name it they'll be by my side…”

“I have a miniature Yorkie that is nine years old. He has been by my side through the darkest days.”

Why I love my cat…

“Cats are always laid back, so it's really sweet when they show they love you by picking up on your emotions and cuddle with you.”

“I believe my current cat to the reincarnation of a previous cat.”

“They are so cute, cuddly and independent.”

“I have loved cats, everything about them, since I was very young. They are THE best friends.”

“They are more loving, they chose you, and love you unconditionally”

“Mystery and independence. They are strikingly beautiful!”

“Soft, cuddly, and clean-up after themselves.”

“I had a cat as my first pet. I just love them.”

“More independent and self-sufficient.”

“I'm a cat person. Cats are relaxing.”

“They're friendly and you have to earn their affection. But when they do love you, it means so much.”

And, some love both!!  

“A Chihuahua is a great mix of a cat and a dog.” :)