“Bubba: A Friend Forever” by Samantha Mellon

Samantha Mellen is the SheByShe Health and Fitness correspondent. Samantha has an undergraduate degree in Health and is a certified Personal Trainer. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her two young boys and husband. In the post below, Samantha shares her love for the family dog, Bubba, and speaks to the health benefits of pet ownership. 

My family and I have been dog owners, a nova scotia duck tolling retriever, for almost nine years now.

Bubba is his name.

He’s just the cutest thing; a red tint to his fur and a little smaller than a golden retriever. You can bet that he is full of energy. He will seriously play fetch for 30 minutes straight. I wish I had that kind of endurance! 

We have loved having a dog in the house, especially while raising two little boys. Did you know studies have proven that a pet leads to less allergies and colds? Owning a pet has also provided us with an additional companion during walks around the neighborhood and hikes into the woods.

Bubba was a great running partner at one point too, until one of us got a little out of shape....

I love that no matter what animal you choose to live with in your home, you are welcomed each morning with a wag of a tail, lick on the face, or a beg to run outside. A buddy to help you clean up the kids crumbs on the floor, a reminder to get outside for a walk, and a face to confess to without negative backslash.

  A partner, always. A friend, forever.